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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Harris Tweed cover on my 2012 ABP1!

Huge thanks to reader Elsa for sending me her unused 2012 Quo Vadis ABP1 day per page planner!  She read my review of the 2013 ABP1 and very generously sent me her unused 2012 so I can use it right away. (In exchange I sent her the 2013 Quo Vadis ABP2 I won't be using.)

To make it even better, I put on the Harris Tweed cover my mom got for me. (Thanks Mommy!!!) It looks great!! I love the way it feels in my hands, and it's very lightweight. And of course I love that it's made in Scotland!  Doesn't it look great????

I love the colors! That's a leather tab magnetic closure there.

Side view with my snowy front yard in the background!

Open view. I love seeing the colors around the edges of the pages!


  1. I love that cover. I need one too. I must stay away from the keyboard....

  2. The cover looks great, makes you feel warm just to look at it!

  3. Very cute - looks good enough to wear! I like the planner layout as well. Loads of room for tasks / notes.

  4. Th cover ist brilliant!! and so very tempting... it looks quite nice to touch, too! Is it especially made to fit the A5 Size?

    1. It came with an approximately A5 size journal already in it, which I removed to use on this planner. It's actually a little loose on this planner but I don't mind. :)

  5. I love the cover..I love "mommy" presents myself =0)
    I started following a few of the Filofax blogs lately and bought my first one the other day (I think you commented on my comment) I sort of don't know the sizes of the paper inserts for it. I got the the personal size. My binder I was using seems be the same size of the Holborn I purchased. I wanted to get started on making some personal inserts before I receive it.. ( I can't wait) Heres some dummy questions.. ( is there a book called Filofax guide for dummies?) lol
    yes that was one question... hehe
    I was wondering what is A4, A5 and stuff like that.I only know classic, index and letter size lol And what is the size of the personal inserts?
    thank you so much!

    1. If you go to the Philofaxy FAQ page and scroll down there is a chart of the page sizes and hole configurations:


      Filofax uses completely different page sizes than typical US paper sizes.

      And if you haven't discovered Philofaxy.com yet, welcome to your newest addiction! ;D Look through the posts and use the search feature, there's tons of info there.

      Steve and Ray have created lots of planner pages for Filofax, look for their personal size printables here:


      (Scroll down to the ones that say Personal Size.)

      Have fun with your new Filofax! :)

    2. THank you = ) I been browsing on the pages on Philofaxy.com .. fun ! thank you for your reply !
      yes, yes very addictive lol

  6. What I fun cover - it goes with the snow!


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