Monday, October 22, 2012

Quo Vadis Covers available for separate purchase from Classic Office Products

Great news! Now you can buy just the cover, ANY cover for your Quo Vadis planner!

I read recently on the Quo Vadis blog (here) that you could order just covers from Classic Office Products, so I emailed them about it. Their very nice reply contained a link where you can now choose from any of the Quo Vadis covers and order them separately from the planners!

Here is the link:

This is fantastic!  I ordered a couple of covers for my ABP1 so I can change them out seasonally.

Many thanks to Classic Office Products for offering this great service!

PS, they do list other countries available for international shipping, but when I checked the price to the UK for two covers it was nearly $100!!!  Yikes!  So, I recommend this service for people with a US address only.

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  1. regarding the shipping to the Uk, that is indeed YIKES!!!


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