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Friday, November 16, 2012

Does anyone have an A5 Personal Planner? We have some questions!

Anyone who has an A5 Personal Planner, could you please post a comment:

Mstraat would like to know about the portability of this planner. It has 40 extra pages for notes, and she's wondering how heavy the book is with those extra pages (and the thick nice paper).

Anyone who has one, could you please let us know how thick and heavy the book is, and if it's too heavy to carry everywhere?




  1. I won an A5 personal planner and I didn't find it heavy at all. I chose the teacher extra pages. Not that I am a teacher, but I was wondering what I could use them for and I already had the other options (blank, lined or grid paper). I removed the spiral and repunched them to fit in my Filofax. Part of the extra pages are removable.
    I think the planner is as heavy as comparable A5 planners, so maybe you could pick a few of those up in a store to see how they feel in your hand?

  2. I have one and love it. I find it is very portable and would have no problem carrying it with me everywhere if I was using it as my main planner. I think it's the perfect size - big enough to be useful as a main planner, but compact enough to throw in your handbag and carry with you.

  3. Thanks for the help!! Fascinating that some of the pages are removable. Plannerisms. . .your friendly planner help-desk. :-)

  4. I've just purchased an A5 Kendal, and it's deceptively light. On camera they look as though you need daily weight training in order to move it, but it's no trouble at all.

    Given, mine is still chilling in it's beautiful box as I've not worked up the courage to christen it. But it's had plenty of cuddles :p

  5. My personal-planner with my Erin Condren planner.


  6. I have both a personal planner and erin condren and compared the two here;

    I preferred the EC though it was jolly pricey. But in retrospect I think I was taken in by the pretty colours etc. However, after a couple of months I gave in and went back to filofax, I'm just more of a ring binder girl. If i had to chose between the two now I would probably go for the PP.

    You could carry the PP round with you if you have a big enough bag, it is genuine A5 size so not imposible to carry around. Weightwise mine came in at 421g / 15oz.

    I prefer the flexibility of a Filofax, but as planners go the PP is very good.



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