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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Russian Quo Vadis Note 16 weekly planner

Recently I went searching online for a Russian Quo Vadis planner, to help me keep up on my Russian a little bit. Quo Vadis blog listed Russian as one of the many languages in which their planners are available. I'm in the UK, where Quo Vadis has several foreign language editions available. Their website said if you don't see the language you're looking for, contact them because they might be able to get it for you. Cool! But when I contacted them, their reply was that Quo Vadis doesn't make planners in Russian. Huh?

So I contacted Exaclair in the US and they said they might be able to hunt one down for me. And they did!!  Huge enormous thanks to Exaclair for this planner!

It has a red Soho cover which looks and feels like leather.
This is the Note 16, which is 16 by 16 cm. (Click here to see it on www.quovadis.eu)
It is the exact same size and shape as the Quo Vadis Executive (click here to see my review) and the same format as the Note 27 (click here to see my review).
This is part of the Prestige collection and has super-smooth ivory paper.  The personal info page is in English and Russian, and there is a reference calendar for the year.

There are several pages of phone numbers and websites of things to see and do, information and emergency services in Moscow. I wish I'd had this when I lived there!
There are conversion charts and national area codes, and other reference pages too.
Here is the weekly format, with the days on the left and lined notes page on the right. Like I said, this is the exact same format as the Note 27 just in a smaller size. I love that the days and months are in English and Russian!
Here's a larger view of the left page with the days:
And here's the right page for notes. I like how the lines are set at the same intervals as the days so if you wanted to extend a particular day, you can easily see where it goes.
After the weekly pages there is are planning pages for 2014 with the months as columns, and a reference calendar for 2014.

There are loads of color maps in the back, this is just one:
There's also a very handy time zones map:
Not the best photo, but the edges are gilt which adds a very classy look to the book!

You can find the Note 16 on www.quovadis.eu.

Many thanks again to Exaclair for this planner!


  1. I am learning Russian, and I have wanted to have Russian version of Quo Vadis!
    Would you please tell me which email address or telephone number you have contacted for this planner?
    Thank you.

  2. Did you use this contact form?

    1. I did, but they told me this sample was obtained via quovadis.eu so you might try contacting them instead.


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