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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Setting your Goals for 2013

Are you thinking about your goals for 2013? Do you have big ideas but aren't sure where to start? These posts will point you in the right direction!

First, click here to read about the difference between a Goal, Resolution, Project and Task. That will get you focused on what to do first.

Then, click here to read how to use the Plannerisms planner as a Goals Workbook. This post is packed with information on setting Goals, mapping out Milestones, and doing regular Reviews to ensure success.

I also did a video on using the Plannerisms Planner for goal setting with more ideas on setting and tracking your goals, click here to see.

For Filofax folks, read my post here on how to use your Filofax for goal setting. Non-Filofax users will also find this post valuable with lots of information on goal setting, tracking and reviews too.

In my sidebar I have a link to my page on Goal Setting Tips, with the above links and more. Click here to go to the Goal Setting Tips page.

So there's a bunch of info for you to think about! I hope it helps you focus on your goals.

What are your goals for 2013?


  1. Have a look at Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler. I've used her goal setting programme for a couple of years and it really works well for me. You can sign up online, but you have to pay an annual fee. I've eventually signed up because I am better at sticking to the programme during the year if I get the reminders each month for follow up!

  2. This year, I've decided that goals will go in a separate journal and my planner will be dedicated to REACHING them. I hope this new setup works.

  3. I always have a few goals I'm working towards, mostly having to do with writing, exercise & knitting/crochet.

    The 1st goal for 2013 is really 2 goals that are inter-linked. I want to de-clutter my garage by getting rid of a bunch of books, but I want to read them 1st! So I'm going to learn how to speed read and hopefully mow thru some books I've had lying around for yrs.

    Going to track all my goals in a lined notebook-- a wellness/catch all journal-- as well as an index card. I'm not doing a dated planner this yr.


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