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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Paperblanks slim French Ornate journal

This is the third post in my series on my growing collection of Paperblanks journals. See Tuesday's post on my Lindau journals and yesterday's post on my Book Of Kells journal.

Today I'm featuring this slim French Ornate Violet journal, another gift from my mom! She said she thought the long slim page size would be good for making lists. She knows me well, doesn't she??
 The Violet cover looks like silk, and even shimmers like silk too.

The magnetic closure is on a strap that is woven through the back cover, which is a very cool detail.
The Paperblanks Slim notebooks measure 3 1/4 by 7 inches, perfect for carrying around in a bag or even in your pocket. The pages are lined, and there is a ribbon placemarker.
There is a pocket in the back for tucking papers, and a brief history of the silk material that was the inspiration for this cover design.

This book will become one of my daily logbook+ journal books. I am downsizing from a large A5 day per page dated diary to smaller undated books for unlimited writing space each day in a smaller, more portable book. A post with more details on my new system is forthcoming!

Many thanks again to my awesome mom for this perfect-size, purple, silk-look notebook!

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Paperblanks and receive no commission. I just really like their books!)


  1. Your new system sounds interesting. Dated daily pages help me be more regular about journaling but do present a problem with space to write. Undated pages. . .and I find it easier to skip days.I have wondered if a date stamp would help, as just moving the mechanism by one day might have the same effect as a dated page. I will be interested to see your system and updates of how it works for you!

    1. mstraat that's the one thing I'm worried could be my downfall with this system is not having an obligated, dated page every day staring at me, encouraging me to fill it. My goal is to fill in more details each day and not be limited by the page, but in a smaller more portable book because I just can't lug the big A5 around all the time anymore.

  2. I'm loving their notebooks at the moment too :) I love the paper and the beautiful covers! I will in fact be doing a new order soon....


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