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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My collection of Paperblanks Lindau journals

I've been somewhat obsessed with Paperblanks journals recently. I take back every bit of smack I ever spoke about their covers not being real leather or silk. I'm sorry Paperblanks! I have seen the error of my ways! What Paperblanks does, extremely well, is recreate historic and/ or literary materials for their covers. I am absolutely enthralled by their beautiful covers, high quality paper, sturdy binding and archival materials.

I'm growing quite a collection of Paperblanks journals! This post is the first in a series I will do on my collection.

Here is just one example of how much I'm loving Paperblanks journals. This is my collection of their journals with the Lindau cover. I love this cover so much I wanted it in several sizes!

On the left is the Lindau Grande weekly planner I won last year in a Paperblanks giveaway on Twitter. I didn't use it as a planner that year, instead I use it as a notebook, specifically as my son's Learning Notebook for extra practice with math, and writing stories. The huge pages are great for sketching 3D shapes and letting him go wild with storytelling.

In the middle is my Lindau Ultra journal, with the magnetic closure. This journal measures 7 by 9 inches.

The detail in these covers is astounding! The edge of the magnetic closure is beautiful. It protects the page edges when the book is in your bag.

It has lined pages, a ribbon placemarker, and a pocket in the back.

Here is my Midi Lindau journal, which measures 4 3/4 by 6 3/4 inches:
It is also lined, with a ribbon placemarker:

In the back is a pocket, and an elastic closure if you want to use it.

Even the spines of these books are beautiful!

Click here to see the Paperblanks Endpaper Blog post on their Gospel-inspired journals which includes the Lindau collection and the Book of Kells collection, which I will review tomorrow!

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Paperblanks and receive no commission. I just really like their books!)

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