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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paperblanks Lindau Grande Weekly planner

I won this Paperblanks planner in a giveaway on Twitter, many thanks to @paperblanks for this gorgeous planner!

I didn't know what type or size of 2012 planner I'd won, but I wasn't concerned. Paperblanks planners are all beautiful, so I knew I would like whatever I got.

But I certainly wasn't expecting this!

It nearly took my breath away when I opened the package!

This planner is the Grande size weekly planner, 8 inches wide by almost 12 inches tall. This design is the back cover of the Lindau Gospels. Here is a closer detailed shot of the cover:

 It is gorgeous!  But the glories of this planner didn't stop there.

Monthly calendars! On the big pages, you can see four months to a spread. (click on any of the photos to enlarge.)

The weekly pages have all seven days as full-size columns, timed to the 15 minutes from 7 am to 8:45 pm, plus a column for notes.

Holidays are printed in the Priority box at the top of each day.

Each weekly spread has monthly reference calendars:

There are also monthly calendars for all of next year too:
There are also pages with international holidays, time zones, dialing codes, travel planning, birthdays and important dates, and loads of notes pages. Inside the back cover there is a full-size pocket, with a removable address book.

There's an elastic strap closure if you want to use it, or it can stay in the back of the book out of the way.
There are two ribbon placemarkers, so you can mark the current month and the current week.

Here's the book open so you can see the front and back covers:
 Even the spine is beautiful!

Many thanks again to Paperblanks!


  1. Wow, that's a stunner - very beautiful. Way too big for me though!

  2. Don't think I could bring myself to write in that...probably put it on show!

  3. I don't think that I could write in that one. It is too lovely. Belongs on a coffeetable perhaps. :)

  4. FREAKING gorgeous cover!! How wide are the columns? (going back to re read and see if I missed this info..) Thanks for showing this!!

    1. Hi Rori, no you didn't miss it, I neglected to put this info in. Each column is 1 10/16 inches wide (so, just over 1 /12 inches) and that doesn't include the printed numbers, that's all writing space. Lines are narrow at 4mm. It's designed for people who have a lot of scheduled appointments or need to write things in 15 minutes intervals.

  5. It's gorgeous and HUGE. I'm floored that a planner with such large pages only has timed entries from 7am-8:45pm. I am constantly annoyed by restricted days on planners. My typical work day starts as early as 7 and runs as late as midnight, so I really wish there were more options that had timed entries running much later than 8 or 9pm. But anyway....

    The local shops sell Paperblanks books and I love to look at them. They are all beautiful and seem reasonably priced.

  6. I fell in love with than planner at the beginning of the year but it was soooo heavy I reluctantly left it behind on the shelf. It is a stunner alright.


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