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Monday, May 7, 2012

Daily Diary Decision

It didn't take long to decide which diary to use for which purpose!

In my previous post Daily Diary Dilemma and its associated video, I debated the pros and cons of the Quo Vadis Notor and the Undercover UK daily diary.

I'm pleased to report I've come to a decision!

I'll use the Notor as my day to day diary.

As I detailed in my video, I like having my scheduled events out of the way at the top of the page, leaving the rest of the page open for lists and notes.
The empty box at the bottom of the page encourages me to fill it with noteworthy happenings and things I want to remember, like a mini-journal. (And to be completely honest, the paper is so wonderfully smooth I want to touch it all day long!)

The Undercover UK diary will be used as my blogs diary.

The monthly calendars will be perfect for scheduling blog posts.

Since I don't have any appointments associated with my blog, the open daily format will be better suited for notes and post ideas.

Whew!  It feels great to have made my decision!


  1. Although I like Undercover UK's information pages, I think the Notor is the one I would have chosen if it were up to me.

    I think I will get a Notor to try for 2013, if I don't get the custom planner from www.personal-planner.co.uk

    Decisions, decisions!!

    1. GG what's been working REALLY well for me for the past year + is to use a daily AND a weekly at the same time. I use the weekly for all forward planning, mapping out my week, meal planning, appointments, and to-dos that week. That way I see what I need to do that week and when I have time to do it.

      Then in my daily planner I plan and record only TODAY. Usually the day before I write today's schedule, all appointments, and tasks that must be done TODAY. (Tasks that can be done any time stay on my week's pages.)

      Then as the day goes on I write in unplanned things that came up, record things I did like phone calls and expenses, and some journaling like what my kids did and said. The result is that my daily book becomes a very complete record of my days!

      Of course this means you have to carry two books with you everywhere, but honestly the Notor and even the large size of the Personal Planner are both very portable and carrying both would not be onerous.

      Just a suggestion! Not to enable (much!) ;D

  2. Ahh, I thought it might be the Notor. Would have been my choice due to the white paper. Have found that darker paper is kinda, I don't know, depressing for me. How does the Notor paper compare to the Personal Planner UK paper? Don't mean whiteness, but weight and ink show through.

    1. Mstraat I completely agree, darker paper is depressing for me too. I prefer crisp, white paper.

      The Personal Planner UK (weekly planner) paper is heavier than the Notor's paper, but not as smooth.

      With my pens (Sakura microns and Pilot V5s) there is some show-through in the Notor but no feathering or bleed-through at all.

      In the Personal Planner UK, there is no show-through to the other side. You can't even tell the other side's been written on!

  3. I've been using a Notor since January as my daily planner. I LOVE it!! I haven't had a desire to change yet and it's been a 5 whole months!

    The paper is a dream for my fountain pen, the cover is practically indestructible in my bag and there is enough room to chronicle my day.

    Now, if only I could settle on a monthly planner...sigh...

  4. Quo Vadis has two pocket size monthlies and one desk size, all with their spectacular paper!


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