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Monday, May 21, 2012

2013 Moleskine Star Wars planners!!!

Here are the 2013 Star Wars planners by Moleskine!!  I have to say, these are excruciatingly cool!!!

I got the large Weekly Notebook (Yoda), the pocket Daily (Han Solo) and the large Daily (Darth Vader) (Click on any photos to enlarge):

The Darth Vader large daily has his quote embossed in shiny black:

Han's quote is embossed in white (with Solo looking very sexy on the label). Makes me feel like it's going to be a very fun year indeed!

I love Yoda's quote, what a great thing to have on a planner!!

The inside covers have cool shots of planets (or the Death Star in the Darth Vader one) and a postcard with the character's photo and quote:

Inside the back cover there's another cool image that continues onto the cover of the removable address booklet, and if you take the booklet out the image is printed on the back pocket too:

Inside the Moleskines are the usual formats, weekly notebook in the Yoda one and day per page in the Han and Darth ones:

On the front cover Star Wars is embossed on the bottom left:

These planners have made me fall in love with Moleskine all over again. They certainly have their finger on the pulse of what's cool.  I'm a huge Star Wars fan so I'm very excited about these planners!

I pre-ordered these planners on Amazon.com several months ago and they shipped when they came in stock. I have put links below and in the sidebar to the ordering sites for these planners for anyone who is interested.

Large hardcover Weekly Notebook (Yoda):

Large hardcover Daily planner (Darth Vader):

Pocket hardcover Daily planner (Han Solo):


  1. Omg these are so cool!!!! I must buy them!!!

  2. Wait, where did you get yours from? It doesn't look like they're out until September?

  3. I pre-ordered these from Amazon.com months ago, and they are shipping now! They're not even available on the Moleskine US website yet, but Amazon has them.

  4. I love the Yoda quote... so tempted to get one for my son who denies any ability and always says, "Well, I'll try...."

  5. Preordered the Yoda one for my boyfriend's Christmas present because I know how hard he finds looking for decent sized diaries and how much he loves star wars, I really want the other two aswell for the quotes though!

  6. I'm not a massive moleskine fan but may have to have one, two or three of these lol :)

  7. Nice! I know just the geek for one or two of these.

  8. OK..that's me above (first time posting on this blog). Crazy the way my name ends up looking!

  9. I want to hack a daily one into a 5 year diary and these look so cool!! Love the Darth quote :)

  10. Oh my goodness--hottie Han Solo is my favorite next to Yoda. Ooh la la! ;)

  11. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I HAVE TO BUY THOSE!!!! <3

    Sorry, went all fangirl... ^w^

  12. Those are really cool but I got myself a bright yellow Little Prince moleskine planner for 2013 and can't wait to start using it!

  13. Those are really cool. But I got that bright yellow Little Prince moleskine planner for 2013 and can't wait to start using it!

  14. These are currently selling at reduced price on Amazon - Yoda is less than £14 including postage. Just ordered one for a present for the husband.


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