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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2013 Moleskine large daily planner in Magenta!

It's about time Moleskine got colored covers for their large planners!  The large daily and horizontal weekly planners are now available in a few colors, including this Magenta color.

I love this Magenta cover, it's the same color as the Extra Small daily I reviewed a couple of years ago.

There are several color-matched features of the book. The In Case Of Loss print on the first page is in Magenta:

The placemarker and elastic strap are color-matched to the cover:

And the sides of the back pocket are magenta too:
Even the print in the removable address booklet is magenta:

Other Moleskine features still apply like the travel planning pages, stylized time zones map, handy international conversions and dialing codes (although only the codes for dialing into the countries are provided. I wish they would also provide the codes to dial out of the countries.)

Interestingly, a new feature in the 2013 Moleskine planners is a two-page spread with flight times between major cities of the world. I have no idea why anyone would want this in their planner, you can easily look up flight times online when you're booking your tickets. Seems like a waste of two pages to me. I'd rather have two more notes pages. Oh well.

There are reference calendars for all of 2013 and 2014:

The monthly planners with months as columns are back. I preferred the monthly grid calendars, but apparently the majority of their customers wanted these back. There are monthly planning columns for all of 2013 and all of 2014.

The daily format is the same with times printed subtly down the side and the temperature and weather icons at the bottom. It's a very nice open page with no formatting to interfere with your freedom to use the page any way you like. 

I pre-ordered this planner from Amazon.com several months ago and it shipped when it came in stock. I've put the product link in my sidebar and below here in the post for anyone who is interested.


  1. Ugh, you're killing me! I just returned to the planner pad after your post. I was using the Erin Condren planner since Oct 2011, but I could not take the broken weeks anymore. But these delicious new Moleskine planners in color make me want to abandon the planner pad. Sigh.

  2. Well Mami China, the "good" news is these don't start until January, so you can use your Planner Pad for the rest of this year then switch over to the pretty covered Moleskine!

  3. I wish wish wish Moleskine would make at least one pocket format with colored covers! Love this magenta, and the matching bookmark and elastic are a nice touch (like Leuchtturm).

  4. ooohhhh noooooo! LOL - I just got a little order of Moleskines in the mail today. I haven't "cracked" them open yet. But I'm now insanely tempted by the large planner - as soon as I saw they went back to the old monthly calendar format. I used to have so much trouble with them, but then something clicked and I grew to love them!

  5. I'm so tempted by this - personally I'd tape the flight times pages together to create a pocket.


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