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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dodo Acad-Pad desk size and A5 Filofax insert diary

It's time to start thinking about planning the next school year! This year why not have fun while you stay organized and try a Dodo Acad-Pad!

The Dodo Acad-Pad is the academic-year version of the original Dodo Pad diary (which has been Britain's best-loved diary for going on 48 years running!) Lord Dodo very graciously sent me samples of the A5 Filofax-compatible diary insert and the original desk size Acad-Pad to review. Many thanks to you Lord Dodo!
All of the Acad-Pad diaries have the same features, so choose whichever size and format works best for you.

At the beginning of the diary is an overview of the current academic year and next academic year. There is also an annual planner with the months as columns (not shown).

The Acad-Pad has a timetable page to schedule all of your weekly classes and activities.

The weekly layout has columns for each day and the opposite page mainly open for lists and notes.

The pages change every week with different art, jokes, puzzles, facts and dates of note.

Here you can see the A5 insert in my A5 Filofax.

It's fun to turn the page and see something new each week!

The weekly grid can be used any way you like. Here is the example page from the Acad-Pad showing how a student can keep track of tasks, appointments and assignments:

Parents who like to plan on the academic-year schedule can use the columns to track what each member of the family is doing every day, plan meals, or anything else you need to plan each week.

The Acad-Pad has a forward planner for the following academic year:
There's also space at the back for more detailed future planning:

The back of the diary sums it up!

Many thanks again to Dodo Pad for these product samples! Check out www.dodopad.com to see the entire extensive Dodo Pad product range.

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