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Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer planning

I promised to show you some details on how I've been using my Plannerisms planner (which won my mid-year planner award, of course!).  Here is one way I'm using my weekly pages to plan this summer.

I love the column at the beginning of the week for writing daily goals so I don't have to rewrite them every day. I just check them off each day for a quick visual on how well I'm completing my daily goals.

This summer I'm using that column for goals for myself and my kids. It would be all too easy to let summer just drift by! I want us to have fun but stay on-task too.

You can see my daily goals are to go for a walk (my preferred form of exercise), let the kiddos have outside playtime, have reading time for all of us, keep up on their violin practice and daily chores. With this simple system I can make sure each day of our summer is fun and productive without having set routines, and that we get outside every day. I like that it's easy to follow and not too structured.

How are you planning your summer?


  1. Since my kids are grown and my grandkids aren't in school yet, it's pretty much business as usual.

  2. I'm planning special evening/weekend activities. Like you said, it's easy to let things slip by in the summer. And, during the school year, it seems like there's never enough free time to enjoy museums, gardens, run through the sprinkler, catch lightening bugs at the park and other "staycation" activities. I'm going to create a summer "To Do" list to make sure my son and I get to make as many fun memories as possible. And, having a list to reference when he says "I'm bored" is an added bonus!


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