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Monday, March 3, 2014

Planner discounts and preparation for the Planner Dry Season

If you are struggling with your planner and thinking of looking for a new one, you've got no time to lose. Many brands of 2014 planners are now on sale/ discount in preparation for their new stock coming in. That means we are about to enter the Planner Dry Season (when the current-year planners are out of stock and the academic-year planners haven't started yet).

Many brands have planners on sale right now including Brush Dance, Moleskine, Organised Mum and Dodo Pad (among others). If you've been thinking of trying a particular planner but didn't want to pay full price, now is a great time to experiment for cheap.

There are also 2014 Plannerisms planners still available in a limited selection of colors. Email me at Laurie at Plannerisms dot com if you would like to order.

A couple of years ago at this time I wrote a post about planner brands that make quarterly-starting planners, printables and undated planners that you can start now, see that post here for ideas.

Are you frustrated with your planner and thinking of trying something else? What do you have in mind?

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  1. I was eyeing the Dodo Pad inserts for A5 binders; I love Dodo Pad and it is my favorite planner. But I always find it extremely difficult to use the page space efficiently. We use a regular Dodo Pad at home for noting who is where, when; house stuff, pet stuff, notes... It works well. But for my personal or work planning in a filofax sized (I've tried personal, but A5 honestly also looks tight) is just too hard.


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