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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Itching for 2016 planners

Around about this time of year I start itching for next year's planners. This year's planners are pretty much done selling, and we are entering the Planner Dry Season while we wait for the next batch of planners to come out.

I think my desire for next year's planners is partly for planning purposes (because I do like to plan as far in advance as I can) but mainly due to curiosity. What cover colors and styles will be available? Will there be any new formats or sizes coming out? Or will the selection decrease (as so many have been lately)?

Fortunately some of the planner companies have already released their 2016 catalogs, including Quo Vadis and Moleskine. Meanwhile I'll continue stalking the internet for product updates from the other companies.

When do you start looking for next year's planners?


  1. I expect Day Runner to have the calendar insert pages for my letter-size Pro Business System in two or three weeks.

  2. In Barnes and Noble yesterday I saw Gallery Leather planners for March 2015-August 2016.

  3. You're crazy, Laurie. I haven't even committed to a planner for this year much less 2016. Thinking about that makes my head explode!

    1. You're completely right Patty, I'm definitely crazy about it. But it's not about making decisions, it's the opposite: I want to hoard as many different types as early as possible so I don't miss any!! That way I'll have whatever I decide on. And others in case I (inevitably) change my mind.

  4. I'm still grabbing 2015 stuff on clearance :) But I definitely check for the new stuff when I do.


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