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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Agendio customizable planners

Oh my gosh, you guys. Get ready for this.

So you've probably already seen reviews for Agendio.com on The Well-Appointed Desk and Homemaker's Daily (and if you haven't yet, you should. Go click through the links to check them out. I'll wait. Are you back? Ok good.).

I have to admit I'm annoyed that other bloggers got their posts out before I did on this new planner brand. I don't like to be scooped! ;) But I wanted to take my time to really get to know their system before I posted.

Agendio.com is a new planners website where you build every aspect of your planner. You choose the starting month, size, the layout, fonts and colors. But there's WAY more to it than that. Scroll down on their home page to see the overview of their features, then go to Features to see more details. Are you back? Okay good. I'll talk you through the options.

There are lots and lots of templates to choose from. Then within those templates there are lots of options. For example you can choose a weekly format with days as columns, grid, or rows. Would you like monthly pages with that? Cool. Which layout of monthly pages would you like? And would you like your months at the front of the book, at the back, or embedded between the weeks?

What colors would you like? How would you like your days to appear? You can choose it all. Edited to add: If you don't see the exact layout you want, let them know and they can probably create it for you! In the template I chose, I wanted more timed space and less space below the daily column. So they created that for me! They really want to make the perfect planner for you, so let them know what you want.

I chose a vertical weekly layout. In this layout you can choose if you want your days timed, or not. If timed, you can choose what time to start/ end, and if they are timed to the hour or half hour. You can choose which day to start your week. You work shifts and your week starts on Wednesday? No problem!

Then within your weeks there are more things to customize. There are areas called Divisibles where you can create your own labels for whatever: categorized lists, areas to do menu planning, a spot for each person in your family, weekly goals, etc. In the planner I made, I created spaces for all my different work projects, plus personal tasks. Different layouts have different amounts of space for these divisibles, so you can choose a little or a lot of space for your lists. You can have it as one big open space, or divided. It's your choice!

There are other features called Pagelets, which are in various locations around the page. You can decide if you want a month view on the weekly pages, a space for weekly goals, etc. One Pagelet feature I found especially intriguing is the Span which I haven't seen in a weekly planner before. It is on some of the vertical column weekly formats (but not all of them, so look carefully). It allows you to draw across the days so you can see how many projects you are working on at once. Here is their explanation of Spans:

"Span pagelets allow you to plan tasks across many days. See in one view how many tasks require your attention at the same time."

I could go on and on about how to customize the appearance of your planner, but it's kind of like the Matrix: you have to see it for yourself. Start on their home page and scroll all the way down to the bottom so you can see the overview of the features. Then take some time to explore and try different sizes and formats. Be sure to click on every area on the planner pages, because every part is customizable!

Then there is a whole 'nother layer of customization: you can choose holidays, recurring events, and special occasions.

There are national holidays for just about every country in the world, so you can choose holidays for your country, countries where your friends and family live, places you'll be traveling this year, or your dream destinations.

There are also regional and state-specific holidays and observances you can add too.

There are religious holidays for just about every religion too, so you can add your religion's holidays, those of other religions in your area, or none at all.

You can enter recurring events like birthdays and anniversaries. You can enter things that happen once a year, once a month (like checking smoke alarm batteries), every week (like the staff meeting on Mondays or to put out the trash every Wednesday), things that happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, or things that happen daily (take meds, exercise).

You can even choose when to start and stop events if they don't happen all year. So for example if you or your family have activities only part of the year (like sports, prep for taxes, family vacations, etc) you can enter those for only the duration when they happen.

All of your events and holidays are stored for the next time you make a planner! So every year, your planner can automatically have all your important dates printed into it. Or you can adjust and change them for your new planner. As you wish!

Again I recommend really taking your time to explore every aspect of these planners because they have so much to offer!

There are also accessories to choose: which color elastic closure strap (color-matched, or black), tear-off corners (or not), pockets, extra notes pages, etc. For you paper geeks out there: the paper is white and 90 gsm.

For all the customizable options you get in these planners, the prices are remarkably reasonable. I really went to town on mine with the largest size and most features and accessories, and it was still only just over 50 bucks. Which is amazing compared to some decorative planners out there that run into the $60-70 (or more) dollar range.

Agendio.com is based in North America. It does ship internationally, but not to all countries. Go under Shipping on their FAQ page to see the list of countries they currently ship to.

Be sure to check out their Promotions page for sales!  Right now until November 30, 2015 you can get 25% off the cost of any planner! Also you can get a code to create a customized planner PDF. Click here for promotions details.

My planner is being processed now and will ship to the UK, so it will take a couple of weeks to get here. When it arrives I will do a full review and show you all the features I chose.

For those of you who use a Filofax, Franklin Covey, Day-Timer or other ring binder planner, get ready! On Nov 28th they will have available planner refill pages for these! You can sign up for an email notification when they are ready. I will explore those and do a post about them on Philofaxy.

All images copyright Agendio.com and used with permission.


  1. Well, it was not totally cheap but I had to try this, too. We'll see. I'm hopeful.

  2. I was looking at their website over the weekend and loved the customisation they allow. But adding shipping made it look uneconomic. However your great review spotted the promotions and I have the promise of the PDF option in December. Many thanks, now I get to try it out.

  3. Today was my self-imposed deadline for ordering my Planner Pad for 2016, but now you've thrown a wrench in my plans! Can't wait to check this out. Sounds like Planner Nirvana.

    1. My Agendio arrived yesterday. It's a fraction of the weight of the Planner Pad; I still like the Planner Pad layout since the 7 project lists across the top really work well for me, and overall I don't think you get as much list space in this one (nor as many note pages). Still deciding myself.

    2. My Agendio arrived today and it's amazing!! I'll be reviewing it asap, hopefully in the next couple of days.

      The Agendio planners don't have an equivalent to the Planner Pads layout (where the list areas are above the daily columns), but their Model 32097 has lists space below the daily columns that can be used in a similar way for categorized lists.

    3. Thank you, Laurie. While the customization is wonderful, the site had my head spinning because there are so many options and I'm the kind of person who wants to consider them all! So, it's nice to have a model number. What I really like about the Agendio are the Span pagelets as it's kind of liking having a mini-Gantt chart in your calendar. The Planner Pad mimics the way my brain naturally thinks through my week, but I also find myself needing a Gantt style visualization, especially during the last month or two of the year. So now I have to come to a decision as to which layout I think will most help me to organize and execute my tasks.

  4. Thank you, Christine. That is very helpful information. What size Planner Pad had you been using? As it is, I had worried that the Planner Pad wouldn't offer me enough lines each week, so if the Agendio offers even less space that is concerning. Did you get your Agendio in a comparable size to your Planner Pad?


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