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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Deaf Messanger 2016 planner

Huge enormous thanks to artist Kucin of Deaf Messanger (in Prague) for sending me this awesome 2016 Diary/ Planner!

This is the Boxers 2016 planner. It is one of dozens of cover designs for their 2016 planners. You can see them all here. 

The Deaf Messanger planners are very lightweight and portable, A6/ pocket size, with an elastic closure, red ribbon placemarker and an elastic loop with a pencil included. They are made of recycled paper and are handmade with spray paint, stencils and screen printing.

I love the graphic-colored page edges!
If you've never seen one of their planners or notebooks, you are truly missing out. These are works of art, literally.

Throughout each diary there are sayings, quotes, pictures and more.

These are also completely functional planners, with month overview pages:

And space for every day of the year. Every page is different, so you'll never get bored.

As always with Deaf Messanger planners and notebooks, each one is completely unique. Kucin adds in things he finds at flea markets or on the street like newspaper and magazine clippings, maps and ledger book pages.

This book even has a strip of film. This film happens to be of a baby bear drinking out of a bottle!

Additional pages include these:
Plus lots of blank notes pages in the back of the book.

I haven't shown you nearly everything in this diary. There are surprises on every page!

I have a collection of Deaf Messanger diaries now! These are the 2014 and 2015 planners I reviewed previously .

Kucin also included a couple of stickers for me, with excellent life reminders:

My love of Deaf Messanger products is multi-layered:

I love them for the art itself. They have such a cool style, I feel infinitely cooler just owning one.

They are full of tangible things like clippings, maps, film bits, etc. We have so few of these types of tangible things anymore because so many people view these things electronically these days. These little bits of history are precious.

Those tangible bits are pieces of people's lives, past and present. These give me perspective on my own life, and make me feel like a part of the world.

I'm not the only one who loves Deaf Messanger's approach and style. Actor Noomi Rapace recently commissioned 35 notebooks to be made as gifts for people she worked with on the movie Child 44. You can see those notebooks here. You can see Deaf Messanger's custom books and more information here. 

If you are thinking about getting a 2016 diary/ planner, don't wait. They go really fast. In fact, by the time I got around to reviewing last year's (in early December) they were already completely sold out!

You can see their entire 2016 diary/ planner selection here, and all their fantastic products in their shop at http://www.deafmessanger.com/shop/ . They ship worldwide! You can use XE.com or a similar currency converter to see the prices in your currency. (In the US you can buy some of the notebooks at LoveNotebooks.com, but they don't carry the planners.)

Many thanks again to Kucin for sending me this diary and stickers! I love it. To learn more about the artist himself, read about him and his artistic method here, and this interview here. Also be sure to check out his Facebook page too! They've just now put up on their Facebook page a very cool video about the whole notebook-making process, check it out!

Disclaimer: I received the planners shown as samples to review, but I am otherwise not affiliated with the company in any way and do not receive any commission or other funds.

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