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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Moleskine Spring 2016 catalog with 2017 planners!

The Spring 2016 Moleskine catalog is out with their 2017 planners!


I'll make comments as I go through it. So exciting!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Moleskine in any way and I do not receive any commissions on their sales. I do not have any contacts or know anyone at Moleskine so if you have any questions about their products or how to purchase them, you will need to contact Moleskine directly.

Hard cover notebooks have new colors: coral orange (very interesting!), sapphire blue, citron yellow and willow green in addition to the usual black and red.

Soft cover notebooks have added grid pages to the lineup, so they will be available with blank, lined, dotted or grid pages.

Limited edition notebooks: Toy Story.

Ok here we go: planners!

18 month planners: looks like they no longer have tabbed address booklets, which is too bad because I actually use those. Instead they come with stickers.

18 month weekly notebook planners with hard covers in Pocket and Large sizes have new colors: Steel Blue, Coral Orange, Malachite Green and Grape Violet in addition to the usual Black.

Soft cover weekly notebooks have black or red covers.

The new colors also apply to the hard cover 12 month daily and weekly planners. Soft cover 12 month planners come in black or red.

The Professional weekly vertical planner in A4 size is back after being absent for a few years.

Limited Edition planners: Batman. Let Petit Prince, Peanuts. No Star Wars???

Those are the major changes, which aren't all that major really. The new colors look nice.

UPDATE Feb 27, 2016: I have just received my 2016-2017 18 month Moleskine weekly notebook and I am THRILLED to report they have gone back to printing holidays on the day spaces as they did in years past! They must have received floods of complaints when they took away the holidays and made people look them up on their website and write them in themselves. (I know I was severely annoyed by it). The name of the holiday is not printed, just the country abbreviation on the day. For example, on July 4 "US" is printed for Independence Day. Also on Easter Sunday, the countries that celebrate it are printed on the day. This is great for those of us who don't like to look up and write holidays in ourselves! (Especially those of us who tend to mistakenly write things in on the wrong day!) Thank you Moleskine for bringing back the holidays!

Also, the 2016-2017 weekly notebook still has the monthly pages as grid calendars for July 2016-December 2017, not vertical monthly columns as in years past. Personally I prefer the month grids but it does mean there aren't pages for planning the future year. I'm going to get around this by using 4 of the notes pages in the back of the book as a forward planner for 2018 with 3 months per page. There is a 2018 reference calendar in the book so I can look up dates when I need to.

I can confirm the hardcover weekly notebooks no longer come with an address booklet, which is my only disappointment. Instead, in the back pocket are 3 sheets of stickers: Alphabet letters, and a seemingly random assortment of weather symbols, emoticons, icons and symbols. 

I'm very pleased to have the holidays printed AND month grid calendars! Thank you Moleskine!


  1. No Star Wars?! How is that possible with the release of The Force Awakens?? Wow.

    1. Exactly what I thought too! Very surprised and, I have to say, disappointed.


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