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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to use the Goals pages in your Plannerisms planner

I designed the Plannerisms planner to be an all-in-one place for your big-picture goals all the way down to the daily details. The Plannerisms planner has pages that can help you determine your goals for the year and then break them down into quarterly milestones, monthly goals and daily tasks.

There is a two-page spread where you can write your big goals for the year. If you like you can use one page for work goals and the other for personal, as shown below. This is where you dream big, and think of big things you want to accomplish before the year is over.

Next there is a two-page spread where you can break your annual goals down into quarterly goals. Think realistically about what you can accomplish in each three-month block. Take into account seasonal changes (how much will you be running in the winter months compared to summer, for example), slow times at work due to holidays, travel, and other major events.

After you have determined your quarterly goals you can break these down by months. The monthly pages in the Plannerisms planner give you an overview of each month. In the shaded area at the left you can write the month's focus, things to focus on in particular weeks, etc.

Between each monthly spread there is a two-page spread for Notes. This is where you can write your goal steps for the month, track your progress, and do your monthly evaluations/ reviews. (More on reviews in a separate post.) You can use this space any way you like.

Then you take your goal tasks directly to your schedule page. List your daily goals in the shaded area at the left so you can check them off every day with no re-writing. Write actions and tasks that help you work toward your goals directly into your day spaces so you can be sure to work them into your daily schedule and routines.

You can see more info on how to use the weekly pages here.

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