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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Agendio customizable planners updates

You may remember my post about this time last year reviewing the Agendio planner I made (and in case you don't here it is).  Please read that post and the associated intro post for an overview of how Agendio works so I don't have to repeat it all here!

Agendio.com came out last year as a way to fully customize your planner: choose the size, layout, fonts, colors, which holidays and dates to include, etc. You can also enter your own events and dates like birthdays and anniversaries, recurring daily, weekly, monthly or annual events, etc. And on the weekly pages there are spaces you can label and customize to your needs like work, personal, exercise, the names of each of your kids, etc.

You choose pretty much everything about your planner. You can choose which day your weeks start on. So for example if you work shifts and your work week starts on Wednesday, you can start your weeks with Wednesday! And you can choose your times for your days. So for example if you want your days to be timed 2pm to 11pm, you can do that!

The website has been a huge hit this year as people have discovered how easy and awesome it is to create a planner customized to your exact needs.

Now, Agendio has added even more options!

Here's a really big deal: they now have Daily planners where you can choose just daily pages, monthly + daily, or weekly + daily! How great to have weekly or monthly pages for the overview, plus daily pages for the details! And of course the daily pages are fully customizable too.

Here's another really big deal: you can choose and customize additional pages! They have templates for Budget, Contacts, Music pages, Meal planning pages, future month planning pages, dot grid, lined, plain or squared pages. You can customize fields to fit your needs, add titles, etc. You also choose where in your book you want these pages: in the front or back of the book, and in which order.

Here is a screen shot of the Extra Pages customizer. You choose your pages, label the fields, and place the pages in your book where you want them to go.

And you can add tabbed dividers! You can put the dividers at your monthly pages, and in sections to divide your added pages, and add custom labels to the tabs.

So for example you can have a Finances section with Budget forms, dot grid pages, and lined pages with titles. Or you can have a Holiday planning section with lists for cards and gifts, and a budget page for expenses.

Here is a screen shot of the tabs customizer page:

You label the tabs yourself, and put them with whichever of your extra pages you choose.

**Update: Agendio outsourced the tabs and were not completely satisfied with the quality, so they have taken the tabs option offline until they are able to do the tabs themselves in-house, hopefully later this year.

Daily pages and extra pages are made possible by another new feature: spiral binding! The spiral binding allows the book to have as many pages as you need.

There are also new cover options including lots of designs that you can customize by choosing the color and adding your name, year, or short phrase.

Another new feature: weekly and monthly pages are printed on new, thicker 105 gsm paper so you can use any pen you like.

You can choose the fonts and print colors, and can even choose a different print color for every month!

Another great option is black and white printing at a lower price point for folks who want an Agendio but want to save some money.

There are also new accessories, including elastics to hold your book shut.

Agendio also makes ring binder pages for Filofax, Daytimer and Franklin planners. You choose the brand and size to fit, then customize your pages.

I have a new Agendio planner on its way to me, and of course I will review it here on Plannerisms when it arrives!

All images and screen shots from Agendio, used with permission.

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