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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Personal Planner 2017 winner!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Personal Planner 2017 giveaway! I'm happy to announce the winner is:

Judy H!

After her name was selected as the winner, I noticed she has a blog so I went to check it out...and discovered her house burned down last month! How horrible! She and her family got out fine but some of her pets did not, and it looks like they lost everything. They are in temporary housing now until their house can be rebuilt.

I know a planner is a drop in the ocean compared to everything she has lost, but I hope it lifts her spirits a little! And I hope the planner will be useful in helping her rebuild, physically and emotionally, this year.

Congratulations Judy!


  1. had a Personal Planner I was planning on using for tracking my 'projects' in 2017. My list of projects has changed and the original Personal Planner is a triffle water-logged and smokey. A new one will reflect the change in projects and the ton of 'house-stuff' we have to track now. And I will have it to use as an example during my "Planners, Planning and Productivity" workshop at the library. Thanks so much for this wonderful win.

  2. You are so very welcome Judy! Best of luck to you and your family, and I hope you get to write lots of good things in your planner this year! :)


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