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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Personal Planner 2017

Recently, Personal-Planner.com added A4 size planners to their planners lineup due to popular demand! I was very excited about these new big planners, so of course I had to order one up to experience it for myself.

Personal Planners are customizable. You can choose your cover, add your name, and add personal dates like birthdays and anniversaries in the day spaces. You can also choose which month to start your planner, so you can start a new planner any time of the year!

It's fun to choose your cover (or load your own photo to add) and customize your planner. It's easy to create your planner, and there are loads of options to add.

I'll walk you through the planner I created and show you which options I chose.

First let me say, they are not joking when they call this planner the Big A4. The page size is huge of course, and in addition to that the 140g paper is thicker than most paper, so the planner itself is big and thick. It might not be something you want to carry with you everywhere, but it's perfect for work. I think teachers and homeschoolers would especially like this size, especially if you add the optional teacher pages at the back. (I didn't get them so I can't show you photos, but you can find them in the Back Pages options.)

The cover I chose is one of their Swedish design themes. When you are on the page to choose your cover, look above the cover you are designing and choose the Design Theme tab to see the selection.

They come out with new cover designs and themes all the time. They recently came out with new quotes covers, new colors, etc.

This is what the cover looks like with the protective plastic cover on. I chose the white elastic closure, they have lots of colors to choose from.

Here is the cover without the plastic cover, I love this design with the reindeer and the Northern Lights!

Each planner also comes with a page of colorful stickers!

I chose monthly calendars as one of my page options. Please note, you'll find the monthly pages option in Back Pages, but the monthly pages are embedded within the weeks, not placed at the back of the book.

Each month has a different label color.

Not the best photo, sorry, but here you can see the colored areas on the page edges to show each month, so you can easily flip to the month you are looking for.

There are several weekly formats to choose from, and within each weekly format you can choose lined or not, timed or not, and to add daily details like weather, workouts, work time, etc.  I chose this weekly layout, with times.

Here you can see the day space, which is timed from 7am to 7pm.

You can choose which country's holidays to add, and your own special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. They save your information, so subsequent planners you order already have your special dates!

At the bottoms of the pages are Modules that you can customize to add lines, grid, graphs, to-do lists, menu plans, etc. On the left page I added menu and lines:

On the right page I added a module to track my exercise.

One of the Back Pages options I chose was the following year's overview calendars so I can plan the following year:

 I also added maps in the back pages, because I like maps!

And I added a bunch of lined pages in the back for notes. Other Back Pages options are grid pages, Sudoku, coloring book pages, dot grid, music pages, Teacher pages (class list, test results, absences, phone list, and schedule), etc.

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