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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Minister Suggestions

Here are some suggestions for Quo Vadis/ Exaclair for ways to improve the Minister. Some are major (such as Sunday having its own column) and some are minor.

1) QV, I have mentioned this before but I'll repeat it for everyone here. Please give Sunday its own column and arrange the page like this: Widen the page by the width of one column. Put the Monday through Friday columns on the left page, Saturday and Sunday columns on the right page, keep the tasks lists dashboard the exact same size it is now. Then in the space below the columns where Sunday used to be you can extend the times down to 10 pm, which several reviewers on the QV website have requested. And viola, Perfect Planner!

Maybe instead of modifying the Minister, the Executive could be converted to the format described above with 7 days as columns. At 6 1/4 by 6 1/4 inches, its square shape is proportionally wider than the shape of the Minister and so it would be able to accommodate a 7th column more easily. The smaller size is very portable which is an absolute requirement for a planner that will go from work to home to weekend activities. If the Executive were converted to 7 days as columns, QV wouldn't have to create a whole new book, they could keep everything else about the Executive just as it is (size, number of pages, cover size etc.) and just change the printed format of the weekly pages.

To be completely honest, a year ago I seriously considered buying a Minister to use for this year, but I didn't because I thought the Sundays would be just too annoying. When I got the opportunity to review one for free I thought, why not? Now that I am using it, I realize that the Minister is so great that the Sundays are not a deal breaker. But yes, I would prefer all 7 days across the page as columns. I also considered the Exacompta Horizon 7 because it DOES have all 7 days as columns across the page, as well as monthly and annual calendars, and space on the weekly spread for lists. But it is 8 1/4 x 10 1/2, too big for me to carry everywhere. So what do you say, Quo Vadis? Executive with 7 days as columns?

I'll shut up about it now!!

2) A monthly calendar insert sized specifically to fit into the cover of the Minister. I have ordered the Visoplan for this purpose. But it would be nice if there were a monthly insert kind of like the removable address book, that is sized to fit in the Minister cover and is slim enough not to interfere with closing the book. Similarly, it would be nice if there were a notes insert that could be purchased separately to use instead of the removable address book for people who prefer that, and could be replaced when it gets filled up.

3) The international information at the front of the book needs a F to C temperature conversion line, from -30 C to 40 C in 5 degree increments with F equivalents. And, it would be really nice if the Chart of International Holidays included the Russian Federation.

So, #1 is the biggest deal, #2 would be really nice, #3 is gravy. And right now I can't even come up with any other suggestions for improvement! I am really enjoying using this planner.

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