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Monday, September 20, 2010

2011 Planner Choices

I FEEL like I have about two thousand and eleven choices of which planner to use next year!  Here are my current considerations:

I can hardly wait to try out my new 2011 WeekDate planner (which I reviewed here).  I'm intrigued by the whole setup and I wonder how it will work for me.

I've been using my 2010 Quo Vadis Trinote these past several months, and I know my 2011 Trinote will be a reliable and functional planner if the WeekDate doesn't work out for me for whatever reason.

Lately I've been thinking of going back to my personal size Filofax, because I miss having lists, maps, and removable pages in my planner.  Even though I've had several Filo Fails with the personal size, I keep coming back to it hoping I can somehow get it to work for me despite the small diary page sizeSteve's recent guest post here on Plannerisms about the Quo Vadis inserts to fit Filofaxes has me hoping that the Prestige format will work for me.  I have resisted the urge to order the refill up immediately, and instead I have drawn up two weeks' worth of the format on lined pages and am using those in my Filofax now.  After a couple of weeks, if the page size is big enough for me to write everything I need to, then I'll order these up. I'm very excited about the combination of the Quo Vadis format I love with the convenience of my Filofax!

I commented on my Planner Permanence post that I've fallen out of the habit of journaling this year.  It's been months since I've written in my journal (I use a large Moleskine day per page planner).  Right now I couldn't even tell you exactly where it is.  It's on a shelf or in a drawer somewhere.  The only way I'll write in it is if it's open in front of me, often.  So I had the idea that I could use it as my combination planner and journal.  I did this with a day per page diary the year my daughter was born, and it worked fine for me that year because I had very little to plan ahead for but lots of things to record.  I  wonder if I could do this with my daily Mole.  I could use the area down the side next to the printed times for my schedule, and the rest of the page for my journal entry.  That certainly would create a thorough record of my entire year in one book.  I fantasize about my book looking something like this woman's creative use of her daily Moleskine.  I've had multiple Planner Fails with day per page books because I can't see the big picture to plan ahead.  But, because the 2011 Moleskine planners all have monthly calendars with the days as squares big enough to write in, I wonder if I could use the months for the overview and the day pages for the details.  I could put my weekly lists on Post Its that would float along day to day...hm, this might be worth a try.  It would be fun to have my planner and journal all together in one book that I would look at and write in often. It would also create that Planner Permanence that I crave.  I could carry it in my Rickshaw daily Moleskine folio so that I'd have pockets for papers, pens, maps and sticky notes in its zip-around security.

But then I think, that would be a pretty big and heavy book to carry around everywhere.  What if I used the large daily Mole as my main planner and journal, and used the Extra-Small daily Moleskine planner as my carry-around planner?  How light and free would I feel carrying only this tiny little book as my planner??  The day spaces are large enough for appointments and a to-do list for the day.  And it is so CUTE and so portable!

What do you think?  I'd especially love to hear from anyone who has gone from one of these methods to another, and if it worked out for you or you went back to what you were doing before.  (Greg? Are you out there? How did it go with your daily Moleskine experiment?)


  1. My 2011 planner will almost without question be another Franklin Planner. I have used them for years, and even though I keep running across planners I want to use, I just never seem to be able to feel organized without my Franklin. As my therapist likes to remind me, I require structure. And in the end, being and feeling organized is far more important to me than what planner I use.

  2. I also have chosen a Franklin Covey insert for 2011, but I plan to use it in my Filofax Malden.

    The 1 day per page format works perfectly for me, as it has a To Do list on the left, appointment schedule on the right and a space for notes on the bottom. Each page also has a small month in view (to see, not write in) which helps.

    Just structured enough, but not over the top.

    And the daily pages are in between a Month on 2 Page TABBED which is included.

    FC also has a neat vertical Week on 2 Pages format for 2011 which I may also try out. Not much room for To Do's for each day though.

    I will post pics of the 1 pg per day format tonight so you can check 'em out...

  3. I stumbled onto your blog recently and I love your in-depth reviews of the various planners out there. I've been keeping "jounals" for the past 10 or so years....although not consistantly. Sometimes I'll skip a few weeks (or months!) But I think now with such a busy schedule, I need to have a planner. I've been reading your past posts all morning. LOL...somehow all this reading will help with my time management..LOL!

  4. For some reason Marcus was unable to post a comment here! Sorry Marcus! He sent me his comment (below) via Facebook. If anybody else has any problems posting comments, please let me know! You can email me or FB me.

    Thanks for your comment Marcus!

    Hi Laurie,
    I also wanted to have just one notebook with my planner and journal in one. I have set up a Moleskine as I described it here: http://www.moleskinerie.com/2008/08/a-list-of-thing.html

    Have a look. However, the drawing up of the calendar was something that I could not and did not wanted to do forever and I switched to the 18 months Moleskine planner again and a regular ruled notebook for my journal.
    The only thing that I do not like about the 18 months planner is that the new 18 months planner actually starts after 12 months already and the additional 6 months are kind of wasted except for long time planning of course.

  5. Yv I'm actually very happy for you that you have settled on the format that works so well for you! Let's hope it prevents you from re-copying!

    emelyn, thanks for reading and I'm glad you like my blog! :) I hope you find it inspiring and fun. And if you ever want any planner advice or suggestions, feel free to email me! It is my favorite topic.

  6. Laurie... funny you should be calling me to answer a question about a planner.lol
    I think I'm one of the worst bloggers when it comes to changing planners. BUT!
    The Moleskine daily planner I purchased for 2010 with the Ren Art cover is in use every day!!! The problem I ran into is that I really missed exactly what you were discussing, the "blocks" for every month. I "need" them!
    So I've been fiddling with the Moleskine everyday, entering important information from my notes. But I have also been carrying my A5 Filo Kent I purchased on eBay. Both work well right now, but I really think I want that feeling of "permanent", which the Moleskine gives me. Like I said in a previous post, I really don't move tabs and paper around or add papers in my Filo once it's setup, so why a ring binder? Back to the Moleskine, here is my positives, the large for me is just the right size, I have it covered with the Ren Art cover but if I get the itch I can either change it for another one at a very modest price, with my NAME on the front cover or take it off completely. I like the paper bound and sewn, it lays flat when open, it has a place for addresses, and the 2011 has the blocks I'm looking for. AND if I fancy that I need a pocket or two on the inside cover, Ren Art makes covers that way also! The other part that just does it for me is the fc=act that, what I write, color, or draw is there to stay. I can't just pull the sheet out. Well I can but I'd ruin the binding. Permanent, that's what I want! If I write it, I may not think it's important at the time but what if I find I need that info later? If it was ring bound, I might have torn that sheet out and thrown it away. So for me, the Moleskine may very well be the 2011 planner.
    Hope that helped at least a little bit!

  7. Greg that's very inspiring! I'm glad your Moleskine is working well for you!! And once we get into 2011 those monthly calendars will be so convenient.

    I totally agree with the permanence of the pages, you never do know when that little jotted note or number will turn out to be very important. Also, I am discovering that it's much easier for me to find things later when they've been written chronologically in a bound book. I've been getting really frustrated with my Filofaxes lately because I tend to move my pages around within and among my Filofaxes. As a result, I can't find anything!

  8. I'm glad I found your blog a few days ago. I was looking for a good planner, bigger than the one I have. It had to be a more structured one too. Thanks to your exellent reviews, I chose the Quo Vadis Septanote.
    Unfortunatly, here in Belgium it doesn't exist... A very similar one is called Planner SD. It has also the academic year, and the notes, but the icons are different. There is no pay-receive box but the e-mail and fax have a box on their one.
    Also, there aren't any lined pages for notes.
    Althoug I still consider it a good planner.
    In fact, I love it already :D

    Thanks for your superb advice on this blog!;)

  9. Idela, thanks for reading Plannerisms, I'm glad you like my blog! That's frustrating that your first choice of planner wasn't available where you live (I know what THAT'S like!) but it sounds like you found something else that works great for you. I've never heard of Planner SD, I'll have to check it out! :)

  10. Laurie, it's actually Planning SD (my mistake :D). It's also from Quo Vadis, so I don't mind the little differences.
    I tried to Google it too, but I've only found a few websites.
    And they're in Dutch, so I don't think you could do something with them ;)

  11. Ah yes, I'd be useless trying to read Dutch! Very interesting that Planning SD is made by Quo Vadis, I didn't know they have that brand.

  12. One of the greatest posts EVER. Sounds like my planner dilemmas...

  13. Thanks Rori! This gives you a glimpse of the planner dilemmas I constantly torture myself with!!

    So... are you going to order the Rabbit planner now that it's back in stock???


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