Friday, October 29, 2010

Whole Lot o' Filofax Love

I'm always on the lookout for inspiration on how to use my Filofax(es), so I like to read other people's blog posts about how they use theirs.  I posted a short list of examples on Philofaxy awhile back, but decided I'd like to keep a running list of posts for my own convenience (and that of anyone else who's interested) for reference.

So I've added a page in my sidebar called "Filofax love posts."  Loads of great Filofax useage ideas in there, with some great photos of people's Filofaxes too.

If you find (or write your own) posts about using Filofaxes, please email it to me!


  1. I love to read those posts too!

    Here are some more, that you might have forgotten: (German, but can be tranlated with the Google Tool Bar) (german aswell)

  2. :-) thanks Jotje and Laurie. I love Filofax and all the wonderful blogs!


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