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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quo Vadis Prestige Note 27 weekly planner

I'm so excited to review this planner!  This is the newest planner from Quo Vadis's Prestige line, the Note 27.  Many thanks to Karen at Exaclair for generously sending it to me!  Click here to see the Quo Vadis info page for the Note 27.
The first word I would use to describe this planner is "classy."  The second word is "large."  The page size is 8 1/4 by 10 3/4 inches.  And every single inch of this book is elegant.
The "90g, acid-free and pH neutral ivory paper" is super-smooth and extremely fountain pen-friendly.  (Click on photos for a larger view.)

The weekly layout is a huge week + notes format with the days on the left page (with equal space for weekend days, hooray!!) and the entire right page open for lists and notes. 

The days have timed lines from 8am to 9pm.  Holidays and phases of the moon are printed above the day spaces without taking any space away from the schedule area. Monthly planning calendars for last-this-next month with the current week highlighted are at the bottom of the notes page each week.  If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see that the notes page has dots alongside the lines for the day spaces on the schedule page.  This makes it easy to delineate notes for a particular day if you want.  Week numbers are printed at the top of the notes page, and week numbers are also noted in a small tab running down the edge of the pages to help you find the week you are looking for easily.

The pages are printed in gray and red inks for a distinctive look.

This planner is packed with useful features.  There are pages of international information like telephone codes, average temperatures and international holidays:

There is a two-page spread for seeing all of 2011 at once with the months as columns with a line per day to write in.  This is extremely useful for mapping out travel, planning projects, tracking bills due and paid, and keeping assignments from creeping up on you:
There is also a planner just like this at the back of the book for all of 2012 to write in next year's events as they come up.

There are lots of pages of excellent maps including a very useful and accurate time zones map, and maps of the continents:

Those are just some of the maps.  There is only one Notes page (besides all the weekly ones):
There are pages for Receipts and Payments:

In the back of the book there is a reference calendar for last-this-next year.  Tucked into the back is an address booklet:
The tabbed alphabetical pages can be used for contacts, or filing other information.
This planner came with the elegant red Soya cover that looks like leather and is soft to touch.
 The Note 27 planner also comes with Club, vinyl or leather covers.  Click here to see the cover options and how to purchase the Note 27 planner.

This is a fantastic planner if you need lots of writing space each week, and want the same amount of space to write on weekdays and weekends.  Even though the page size is large, the book itself is still only 1/2 inch thick so it is very portable in a work or school bag or larger handbag.

Many thanks again to Karen for sending me this planner!


  1. it looks a lot like a space 24!! except a bit bigger, i guess :)

  2. Hi Laurie

    What a beautiful thing! I'm very tempted......

    I found the 'how to buy' section of the QV website quite confusing though....only (about) thre suppliers in the UK listed, although I'm personally aware of at least one more, and no UK online store.....is this really right?

    All the same, probably a very good thing it wasn't easier, or I'd have probably parted with my money straight away!

    What I especially like about QV planners is that they are slim enough to slip into the back pocket of my briefcase.laptop bag without bolking it out, and still 'small' enough not to stick out at the top. Not much use (at this size) for a carry-around planner at teh weekend though....unless you carry a large messenger bag as a matter of habit.

  3. David this planner is from the US range. I don't see it available on the UK Quo Vadis website:


    sarah I haven't seen the Space 24 in person but yes it's a similar format, but with larger pages so more space to write. I think some of the features between the 2 planners are different though.

  4. Yes I picked that up after I had posted.....what a shame.....still, maybe it will find its way into the UK range eventually...or the French range, where they are bigger on Quo Vadis (and papeteries....something we could learn from over here). I bought my first QV from a papeterie in Paris some years ago.

  5. Very nice review. I'm considering this planner for 2013


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