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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Renaissance Art pocket Moleskine leather cover

Here is the awesome leather cover I ordered from Renaissance Art:
This is the stud-closure cover for the pocket size Moleskine daily planner (click here for the product page).  I got the personalization, of course, because I love personalization!

Here's the back, check out the cool stitching:
Here it is open, with the convenient pen holder:
The Moleskine cover tucks into the leather cover securely.
The stud-closure cover normally has a pocket in the front but I asked them to tweak it for me to hold the front cover of the Mole instead of having a pocket, and it turned out exactly the way I asked.  Ren Art are great at tweaks, and are super folks with great customer service!

By the time I received this cover, predictably, I was no longer using the pocket daily Moleskine planner.  But, I have a pocket Moleskine notebook that I put into this cover, which is a little roomy in a nice, stuffing-potential way.

The notebook that now lives inside this awesome leather cover is getting lots of action as I fill it up with my lists of what to pack where, what to buy before we move, school application requirements, information, and anything else I need to get down on paper. It's very convenient to have my pen in the loop so I never have to search for a writing instrument when I need to jot down a note or add items to one of my many lists.

Many thanks again to Ren Art for making and customizing this awesome cover, I am looking forward to using it for many years to come! :)


  1. I love Renaissance Art covers, I have lusted over them for ages but I thought the postage to the UK was just too prohibitive.

  2. Karen I agree, the postage was too high so I asked them if they could do cheaper. They very kindly used the post office and sent it cheaper, although it didn't have insurance but it was fine.

  3. Laurie,
    Just ordered a cover my pocket Moleskine I carry and a 144 page diary from Ren Art.
    I have been wanting to start jornaling and I thought this would help get me started.
    Still using the Planner Pad seems to be working great no issues at all. Use the pocket Mole for my daily notes but everything else comes from the Planner Pad.
    Hope you are well!!

  4. Greg that's wonderful you are having success with the Planner Pad!! Any chance you'd be interested in doing a guest post on it?

  5. HI Karen....

    This is Arthur of Renaissance Art. If what you order can fit in a single rate envelope then we can ship it to you for about $20. If you do order, just request a Single Rate Envelope in the Special Instructions box on the Shipping page. Those envelopes are about 8X10. They are flat envelopes so something really thick at that max size may not fit in.

    I know what you mean about shipping overseas though.

    Oh and.... Thank you Greg!!!

  6. A fellow moleskine pocket daily planner user here in Ireland, but its the shipping that hurts the decision to buy.


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