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Monday, March 28, 2011

Next experiment: A5 Domino Filofax with Quo Vadis Timer 21 inserts

Today I am starting to use my new A5 Domino Filofax (in the gorgeous new Ultra Violet color, click here to read more details and see more photos) with the Quo Vadis Timer 21 weekly inserts that Steve so generously sent me (click here to read more about that)

The Quo Vadis Timer 21 inserts are from France, and have the same layout as the Quo Vadis Trinote planner that I've used so successfully in the past. Using this format in a Filofax solves the complaints I had about the Trinote: no monthly planning grid calendars, not enough pages for notes.

But the question is, will I get fed up with the size and weight of the book?

I have tried to use an A5 Filofax as my planner a few times before over the years and quickly abandoned it each time because the huge book is too big to carry around with me everywhere.  But if I can get away with leaving my planner at home almost all the time and bring it only when I know I will need it, then maybe this will be a non-issue.

Meanwhile, my 2011-2012 Moleskine 18-month weekly notebook starts at the beginning of July...

Let the Planners Battle commence!!!


  1. I just went through this whole thing...A5-Personal...finally went with Cuban Zip personal, because I have to take mine EVERYWHERE with me, or I won't write stuff down at all.
    Good luck!! Planner is gorgeous@!!

  2. Why do I envision The Chairman from Iron Kitchen saying "let the battle BEGIN!" ;-)

  3. I'm absolutely obsessed with planners and I'm so glad to have found this site! Love it... and the Filofax is so pretty!

  4. Rori how do you cope with the small day spaces in the Personal? Maybe I just write an excessive amount. I have to write down everything or I forget what I'm supposed to be doing that day!

    terriknits LOL!

    Shoe, welcome! I'm glad to hear someone else is obsessed with planners too!

  5. This should be interesting. I have high hopes for this combo, Laurie! Meanwhile I'm the owner of an ipod touch and I have installed Homeroutines which you calla Flylady app. Takes care of the daily household stuff (well, not entirely cos I sti have to DO it ;)). My FF is less cluttered now and I love that! Also gives me more focus on work stuff.

  6. Laurie: You're going to laugh. I went back and forth on YouTube with ImysWorld about this very thing. I have monthly inserts, weekly inserts (where I put all my actual appt's and work schedule) and then Daily inserts! (page per day) because I write ALL OVER THEM!! Sometimes, if it's excessive, I put an extra sheet of the plain note paper in between and use that. I decided after watching Imys videos about her A5 Cuban Zip, and other A5 review videos that I just couldn't carry that size around on a daily basis. And the rings on my Cuban Zip are HUGE, so I can cram it chock full of stuff. Which I do. The last video I did is on my redforrori YouTube channel if you want to see it.

  7. Update: I quit using this for a couple of days because it's too big to carry everywhere with me. But as of today April 2 I am using this after all because it's the only planner that can handle all my current and future plans! Read about it here:



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