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Friday, June 10, 2011

Notes to future self

Often in my planner I write notes to my future self.

Sometimes these notes are straightforward information. For example: my kids' school allows us to check out books from the library over the summer, after paying a $150 deposit. On my weekly notes page the week school starts, I have written a reminder to myself to take the deposit form to the school and collect my refund. I even noted where I filed the deposit form, since I'm apt to forget.

In the past I've written other notes to my future self in the form of questions.  A few years ago we went to see a town where we were considering moving. In my planner on the first day we were scheduled to be in the town I wrote, "What are my first impressions?"  On the last day of our visit, I wrote, "Do I think I would like to live here?  Why or why not?"  The answer was, definitely not. Question answered.

Do you ever write notes to your future self in your planner?


  1. *Head Slap* Why didn't I think of that???

    Sometimes I feel so stupid, because things don't occur to me until someone else says them...

  2. I do this all the time. It's the only hope I have of remembering anything!

  3. Not related to your post, but to let you know: The Fickle FiloFax Format Flip Flopper has struck again! ;-) I swapped out my daily pages from my FF personal for the week-on-2-pages because ... wait for it ... the pages were TOO SMALL for my work needs. GAH! Will it ever work out?! So now I've reverted to using an A5 notebook for work notes and will just use the FF for personal stuff. And for that, all I need is WO2P. Sooo agrravated!!

  4. I do write future notes to myself but I think the ones you write are much more thought provoking! Mine may say something like 'dental appointment' in a Mo2P 6 months hence, but now that I see/read your questions, I may have to adopt these analytical-type & open-ended-type questions, too! Think how interesting these pages will be to read later on upon review some years later!

    Thanks, Laurie! You are always great for a new idea/new thought du jour for me to ponder!!


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