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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Did Santa bring you any cool planner/ stationery goodies?

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Laurie,

    I'm heading into 2012 hoping to land on the perfect system. I am using my Moleskine large weekly to finish up the year. I like it but I'm off work for Christmas so it works right now. I have ordered a Franklin Covey wire bound planner (each month in a separate book). I would have preferred the Moleskine one but it doesn't come in a large size. I like the portability of the one month in a book and the 2 pages per day is what I need for work.

    I also have a large Moleskine page per day sitting in the wings. I bought it months ago and now think it is too big to carry around. I also find that about 1/2 way through a book like that I begin to feel like I am taking lots of pages I don't need. I will use it as a journal. I have an idea on how to use my weekly Moleskine if I abandon it. It is based on: http://www.chroniclebooks.com/titles/paper-goods/journals-notebooks/speciality-journals/one-line-a-day-a-five-year-memory-book.html

    So - I may rival you this year. You have given me permissions to switch it up during the year depending on what is going on and what works for me at that time.


  2. Happy Holidays to everyone!
    I am heading towards a planner crisis. I do not know what to use and I would really appreciate your suggestions. So far in 2011 I have used a compact chameleon filofax for personal use and an A5 Finsbury for my work as a secondary school teacher. But the A5 was very bulky to carry it back and forth along with the other stuff I want to carry plus it was not really coordinated with my "personal" tasks (I am also a mother of two boys). Thus, I decided to follow the principle "one life, one planner" and I bought a large moleskine daily diary to use both at school and at home really appreciating the space and the bound book feel. However, I am not sure abour the portability of the moleskine in my handbag (for example in summer), the absence of the pen loop and some of the filofax accessories. Is there such a thing as "one life one planner" for a busy working mother? What do you think?
    Thank you,

  3. I have a new time.mine planner on the way from dot.mine (time mine.com) and a weekdate wall calendar that I'm super excited to try. I always liked the idea of the Weekdate planner but the personal planner seemed too small and I need to list daily appointments. I can't wait until my planner and calendar arrive! I'll let you know how it goes! :)

  4. Okay, I recieved the dot mine planner and I was so disappointed. I don't like the paper at all! It feels very rough to the touch and I know I wouldn't like writing on it and I write in pencil. I can only imagine what someone writing with a fountain pen would think. So, I'm sending it back.

    I ordered an Uncalendar instead. :)

    For some good news, I really like my WeekDate wall calendar. I'm super excited to start using it!

  5. No new planners from Santa, but I have a couple planner-related comments for the end of the year. First, 2011 was my first full year using a Moleskine pocket week-per-page + notes to record events, movies seen, books read, restaurants eaten in, etc. Every now and then I look back through it, and it's so much fun to see what I did during the year and to be reminded of things I enjoyed (as well as didn't enjoy, such as the flu that kicked my butt last February). I'm really looking forward to using the same format for 2012.

    Secondly, 2012 will be my first full year using a Moleskine pocket day-per-page as my actual planner (appointments, to-do's, etc.), and it's wonderful to have a fresh planner to begin this Sunday. Laurie, I've been reading with interest about how you use yours and will be trying out some of your ideas. Best to you and your family in 2012!

    - Tina

  6. No Filofax goodies for me this year! However, I bought myself some Franklin Covey 2012 Her P.O.V. inserts . I love Filofax, but I tend to find the FC inserts a little bit prettier, at least for me!

    What did everyone else get?

  7. Merry Christmas,
    I have to say that Santa was very kind and brought me a Scanda to replace my Finsbury. I like the Scanda, the look, the feel and the fact that it opens flat. I am semi-retired but still do contract work and need my Filofax to keep note of the days I am called in. So even in retirement I am still using my Filofax.

  8. Becky that's disappointing about the dot mine planner. Let us know how you like your Uncalendar!

    Mary I would recommend a full size Uncalendar for you, to organize all the facets of your life:


    You can see my review (with some ideas on how to use it) here:


    Another option is the Quo Vadis Trinote. It has daily timed columns with space for notes each day, and categorized lists each week. It's slimmer and a little smaller than the full size Uncalendar. My sister is a working mom and has been using the Trinote for several years with great success. It is slim and light enough to carry in your bag everywhere. Here's the product information:


    I've written a lot about the Trinote planner. I used one during and after my move to Scotland and it was great:


    I hope these suggestions help!


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