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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Moleskine Bakin weekly planner

I have to admit I bought this planner because the cover is just so cool!  My photo doesn't do justice to the coppery metallic design.
 Inside it's a horizontal weekly format, with all the usual Moleskine features.
As you might notice, I wrote the month at the top left corner, to make it easier to see where I am in the book.  Moleskine printed the months all the way into the middle of the book which makes it harder to find the month/ week I'm looking for.

Right now I'm using the weekly pages as a modified week + notes, where I use the spaces directly under the printed days of the week to plan my days, and the middle of the weekly spread for my tasks lists for that week. I have separate lists for Goals, Email/ Call, Household, Blogs and any other specific topics for that week.

I use the last line on each day's space to write the dinner menu for that day. It really helps me do meal planning to see the entire week at a spread so I can see when my busy days are and what meals I'm able to spend more time on.

Using a weekly spread to plan my week and write my lists allows me to see what I need to do and when I have time to do it.

You can read about how I'm using this planner along with my daily and monthly planners in What I'm Currently Using.


  1. I have tried with monthly planners alone and there is just no way they can handle the lists. But I had a major fail with my beloved weekly planner yesterday when I needed a rarely used security phone number and didn't have it - a terrible planner fail. Am fighting the urge to run tail between legs back to "the brick" ring binder (with tabs I never look behind). I would have had a page with those numbers in there for sure. Will just add relevant numbers to weekly as I go along.

  2. Aliandra I don't know if your weekly planner has an address booklet, but that's where I write all my reference info and numbers. If not, I've found that designating a page in the back of the planner for this info works better than having it scattered throughout the weekly pages all year.

    Hope this helps! :)

  3. Thanks, Laurie. That's a great idea. I photocopied the pages from my old ring binder and used removable tape to stick the copies on the back pages of my weekly planner.

  4. Hi,I think the artist name is "Delta inc", dutch grafitti legend, but i can't prove it ;)


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