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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quo Vadis Executive weekly planner

I've been curious to try this planner for a long time, so I finally ordered one from Alkos.com. This is the Quo Vadis Executive weekly planner (click here for the Quo Vadis product page for more info).

In the past I have successfully used the Quo Vadis Minister, which is a larger version of the Executive, and the larger Trinote which has a very similar format. I wanted to try the Executive for a more portable version of this extremely efficient week + notes format.

First, some details. The Executive is 6 1/4 inches (16 cm) square, making it very portable in any bag. It's a 13 month weekly planner, starting at the beginning of December and going all the way through the end of the following December. I find this very handy because I usually travel over the Christmas holidays and this way I don't have to switch planners in the middle of my trip.
The paper used in the Executive is my very favorite paper in the world: Clairefontaine 90 gsm, extra white, super-smooth. It is designed for fountain pen use, and gives a wonderful writing experience. It is acid-free for archiving, chlorine-free and sustainably sourced.

I chose the brown Soya cover because I love the smooth leather-like feel, but the Executive is also available with Club or Vinyl covers in a selection of colors.

At the front of the planner are some information pages including international dialing codes, which I use and really appreciate!  (Click on photos for larger views.)

Near the front of the planner is a two-page spread of the entire year with months as columns. This Anno-Planner is a fantastic way to map out the year and plan travel, holidays, bills due and deadlines.  There is also an Anno-Planner for the following year at the back of the planner.
The weekly format has an excellent structure that allows you to see what you need to do and when you have time to do it. The timed daily columns have a Priority box at the top for the key event or reminder for the day. 
Holidays, phases of the moon and reminders such as Daylight Savings Time are pre-printed, which I appreciate enormously because otherwise I would have to write in all of this information.

Below is a closeup of the dashboard for categorized lists including To Call, To Email, Pay/Receive and Notes.
The corners are perforated to tear off at the end of each week, to find the current week easily.

Sundays are located under all the other days, to maximize space for the other days of the week and to allow room for the lists. 
After the weekly pages there are loads of maps including an excellent time zones map, and continent maps.

After that are several Pay/ Receive pages, which I never use and would rather have for notes or, especially, monthly calendars.
At the back of the planner there is a reference calendar for last-this-next year, and a removable address book.
This is an excellent, powerful planner with an extremely efficient weekly format, annual overviews, and spectacular paper in a compact and portable size. Another winning planner from Quo Vadis!


  1. My very first planner was a Quo Vadis Textagenda I bought when I was 16. I was working my very first job in Pearson International Airport (Toronto), and I bought it in a gift shop there.

    Having recently fallen in love with Clairefontaine paper, I think I will have to go back to Quo Vadis again!

    Thanks for your posts and reviews! I look forward to seeing Plannerisms in my email inbox and I got very worried when you made the post about Pinterest and said you might take Plannerisms down!

  2. Hi GetGlossed! Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like my blog! Now that I've installed the html forbidding my images being pinned, I think I've got the Pinterest thing controlled to an acceptable level. So don't worry, I don't have any plans in the foreseeable future to delete Plannerisms!

    Yes the Clairefontaine paper is highly addictive, and I find myself comparing all other paper to it as a standard of aesthetics! I love how smooth it is, it's an absolute joy to write on.


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