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Friday, June 29, 2012

Call for Guest Posts: How Do You Use Your Planner?

Would you like to be featured on Plannerisms? Please show us how you use your planner!

There have been several excellent guest posts on Plannerisms recently. Paulien's review of the Space 24, Mstraat's Taskmaster and how she uses it for work, and Helen's creative use of her Moleskine weekly as her blog planner are all examples of excellent guest posts showing how each person uses her planner.

I'd love to feature how you use your planner!  Especially if you use your planner in an unconventional and/ or interesting way, or if you use a planner I've never reviewed on Plannerisms before.

I know everyone will be very interested to see how you use your planner!  Don't we all love to see how people use their planners?  Voyeurism aside, it gives us ideas on how to use our own planner in a new way.

If you'd like to submit a guest post, please email me at: laurie at plannerisms dot com. 

I hope to see how YOU use your planner soon!

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  1. Watched your recent daily planner rant. Congrats on the simplification (however temporary it may be).
    Your posts indicate you are enjoying your new geophysical location. Hope that continues for a long time.


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