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Friday, August 17, 2012

Brush Dance 2012 Simple Pleasures pocket calendar

I loved the Brush Dance 2013 Mindful Living pocket calendar from the recent giveaway so much that I wanted to use one right away as my carry-everywhere planner.

So I ordered up this 2012 Simple Living pocket calendar from Calendars.com for only about 3 bucks, a great deal!

This planner is so small it fits in the pocket of my bag along with my phone and pen (shown here for scale).
Now I  don't have to carry my big planner in my bag all the time, and I'm always prepared to write and check appointments.

I love the inspiring quotes and beautiful images before each month:

The format is a week per page, and each month's weekly pages begin at the first of the month and end on the last day of the month, with notes spaces:
Holidays for the US, UK, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are printed on the day spaces. Also printed are moon phases, reminders for Daylight Savings and British Summer Time, and major religious holidays. Each month has info like birthstones and themes like Celebrate Diversity Month.

Something I didn't note in my review of the 2013 pocket calendar is how excellent the paper is in Brush Dance planners. Even with Sharpie pens there is absolutely no bleed through, and you can hardly even see something's been written on the other side of the page unless you hold it up to the light!

I'm so glad I get to use this Brush Dance planner right away, and when 2013 starts I'll change right over to my 2013 Mindful Living pocket calendar!

You can see all of Brush Dance's beautiful products at www.BrushDance.com.

Brush Dance products are also available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

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  1. With the year coming to an end, there are some great deals on 2012 Calendar items out there.

    And!..I just bought two of the Bic MultiColor pens today - I've not had one of these since I was a kid. Fun!!


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