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Monday, October 15, 2012

My Accomplishments This Week

My kids' school gives each student a Homework Diary, which is nice. At my kids' ages it's mostly a way for their teacher to easily communicate to parents what is happening each day, when to send PE kit, and if there's any projects to prepare for.

The diary itself is a week per page with cute school-themed graphics. At the bottom of each week's page, there is a space labeled My Accomplishments This Week.

I think this is such a great thing in a student's planner, or in any planner. I've seen planners that encourage you to review and evaluate your week, which is great but sometimes I don't want to analyze my week in detail. This way is so simple it's elegant. It lowers the resistance to doing some big critical evaluation. You simply list your accomplishments. Easy.

What a great way to teach students how to reflect on their week and recognize the good things that happened.  Then when they look back through the weeks of their planner, they can see their accomplishments each week. This is also a great way to see how much they've learned all year.

I've decided to implement this in my own planner. No big deal, not tons of detail, no critical evaluation of good or bad. Just my accomplishments.

Do you evaluate your week or list your accomplishments?


  1. I don't do it all the time, but I have frequently written 3 things in my planner at the end of each day:
    Something good that happened
    Something hard or bad that happened
    Something I learned

    I really love analyzing my day. I find it helps me keep things in perspective and become a better person.

  2. Maybe I just need something as simple as a homework diary to organise myself :o)

  3. I haven't done this because it sounds overwhelming. But your way sounds simple and nice. Maybe I'll try it.


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