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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Plannerisms Planner Customer Testimonials!

I've had loads of great feedback from people who have bought the Plannerisms Planners! Thanks for your wonderful comments everyone!

Josh had a lot of great things to say about the 2014 Plannerisms planner in his video review! Thanks Josh!

Cruz did a great post on how he uses the various pages in his Plannerisms planner!

Take a look at TannieSpace's excellent post on how she uses her Plannerisms planner with extensive fountain pen ink tests!

Check out Inkophile's wonderful review of the 2014 Plannerisms planner!

Angela did a great review of the 2014 Plannerisms planner at Paper Lovestory!

And see Amanda's thorough review on Paper Pens Ink!

The Perpetual Student has done an excellent post showing how she is using her Plannerisms planner. I love seeing her photos on how she customized the pages to suit her needs! Click here to see her post.

Femke also customized the pages in her Plannerisms planner that she won in the giveaway here on Plannerisms, see her excellent setup here! 

Click here to see how Jotje uses her Plannerisms planner to track household chores and personal habits.

Stephanie shows us lots of details on how she uses her Plannerisms planner and her Filofax together, click here to see.

Here are some of the great comments I've had from customers about the Plannerisms Planners:

I totally recommend the planner it is so beautifully made and very well thought out. Get it!! X

my Plannerisms Planner arrived today  ( I´m lucky, I got one of the last ones in purple ;-)) and it is FANTASTIC!!  Great size, great paper, great layout - one can see that a lot of work and thinking went in it. Just what I was looking for. For now I think I´ll use it as a goals planner (work+private+housekeeping) but maybe I even change my forward planning to it, too. The layout is excellent and gives you lots of freedom to use it. If there is one thing I miss it´s that I couldn´t find neither german nor spanish holidays in the International Holiday section ;-) - but I can easily copy them from internet etc. Thank you once again, great work!

got my planners and they are AMAZING! I'm already filling out my class schedule and everything for the coming year! Thank you for making such an amazing planner!

I just received my Plannerisms Planner and it is fantastic! It is just what I need and has great flexibility. I am going to spend some time working out how best to use it, but I can see all the work that went into designing it.

(I ordered one for my DH). The quality is outstanding and the paper is soooo smooth! I'm almost hoping DH won't use it, because I immediately had some great ideas how I could use it myself (he he). Sadly for me, he was very impressed. And I have to add that the Filofax, Moleskine and Flex I ordered for him in the pass totally failed to trigger anything.
And now he's suddenly into making goals list. It's almost scary ....

 I got mine today and it's AWESOME

Hi Laurie, my planner arrived y'day & i totally agree. Super planner, looking fwd to using it in 2013. Many thanks.  

received my planner and I loooooove it! I'll be using it as a teacher's planner! X 

Your planner arrived yesterday. Amazing quality! The paper is delicious & the monthly boxes huge! BF is eager to fill it up! 

Planner arrived and looking good, can't wait to start using it. Well done! 

The Plannerisms Planner is simply the best planner because it keeps me focused on whats important: my goals. Having annual, quarterly and monthly goal pages has been the key to me getting things done, doing what's most important to achieve my goals while also keeping track of appointments and other todos (those that "just need to get done" but don't necessarily add anything to my goal). Thanks again for making this planner!!

Huge thanks to everyone for all of your wonderful feedback! For more information about the Plannerisms planners and how to order, click here!


  1. Cool - so pleased for you :-)

  2. Congratulations Laurie!!

    - Where is the planner made?
    - Is the paper recycled; if so, how much post-consumer content?

    1. Hi Cat, the planner is made in Singapore. I don't know if the paper contains any recycled material but I can find out for you. :)

    2. Hello Laurie,
      could you still find out this information for me (and others who are interested)? Although it doesn't seem likely that they contain recycled fiber as this is something you would have to request, I would think...

    3. Hi Cat, I have asked my publisher and she has contacted the paper supplier, but now they are on leave until late next week so I won't get an answer until then at the soonest. Sorry I don't have this information for you! I will let you know when I find out anything. :)

    4. Hi Cat, my publisher has confirmed that the paper used in the Plannerisms planner does not contain any recycled content, but is a cream paper made by a Japanese company that has been supplying high quality smooth paper to Collins for decades. If a majority of customers would be interested in recycled-content paper we can put it into the next year's version of the planner. But to be honest I wouldn't want any paper that is less smooth than this one because it is such a nice writing experience.

      Would anyone else be interested in recycled-content paper, even if it would be less smooth than the paper currently used? Thanks for any input everyone! :)

  3. Laurie - finally got my purple Plannerisms. It's beautiful. Thank you for not making the line spacing too narrow and for not making the lines too dark!! Our aesthetics are very similar. GREAT job!

  4. Thank you for this great planner - I have been through them all - filofax, Day Timer, Franklin plus numerous other versions of month-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, one day a page etc.... this one really gets the right balance and I plan to use it as my overview planner - with my filofax personal size as the detailed to-do and action planning aid. Thank you particularly for including Singapore holidays on the planner pages and for making it available here so conveniently!

    1. So glad you like it! I hope you enjoy using your Plannerisms planner all year. :)

  5. Hi Laurie, I'm already really enjoying the (teal!) planner, and can appreciate the years of thought that's gone into it. I'm getting used to flipping between the month and week views, and what a breath of fresh air it is to have both overviews (I have clipped the pages together with a foldback clip, rather than use the ribbons as I like to find them quickly as soon as I open the book). I really like the fact you have monthly goal setting pages interspersed too. I have one suggestion (which seems a bit premature given we're a week into Jan I know!) but if you positioned the monthly goal pages before the monthly squares page instead of after them, it would mean that the current month/week can be clipped together but the current month's goals page would still be visible without unclipping. (I hope that's clear!) You may have other reasons for the positioning I realise, but just thought I'd feed back on my experience so far. But apart from that minor point, I am really enjoying using it so far - feels nice and roomy!

    1. Hi northmaven, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like your Plannerisms planner!

      I actually tried putting the monthly goals pages before the monthly calendar pages in one of the mock-ups I did, but I found it annoying to turn the pages back and forth with my left hand, because I'm right handed. I liked it better turning the right page. I can see why you would prefer it before if you use a clip. Could you clip to the Goals page then turn to the monthly page?

      It's definitely not premature as I'm already finalizing changes for the Academic-year version and 2014's. If a majority of people would prefer the monthly Goals pages before the corresponding month I can make that change.

      What does everybody think?

  6. Thanks Laurie - I see your point re clipping to goals and turning to months, but I guess the two immediate views I will check a doz times a day will be the month+week, with the odd check back to goals, so what I described would suit me best. Delighted to see you might consider this if enough people ask for it... have just cast my vote.

    1. Hi northmaven, the early results are overwhelmingly to put the Goals pages before the months, so I have already submitted that change to my publisher! Thanks so much for the suggestion, it turned out to be very popular! :)

  7. Another idea: does Collins Debden sell Leuchtturm penloops? If not, it would be great if they would stock them and you could add them to the shopping basket when buying your planner. Better even if you can pick a color to go with the planner cover!

    1. That's a great idea! I don't think they stock them currently, but I can ask if it's possible. That would be really convenient!


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