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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Planner News

Here's some planner news for you:

First up, there are still some Plannerisms planners available to order. The Collins UK site is currently showing only Pink, but if you would like to order Teal, Black or Purple just email me (Laurie at Plannerisms dot com) and I can put you in touch with the right person for a special order. I've been really pleased with sales, and I've received wonderful comments from customers! Click here to see Plannerisms customer comments.

Next, if you haven't seen the Moleskine 2013-2014 catalog, go check it out (here). Yet again they're coming out with some really cool things this year. One of their new planners I've already gone on about (here) is the Turntable Planner, which is such a cool idea: you can use it horizontally or vertically.

Another new Moleskine planner is an addition to the Professional Planners lineup: the Dashboard Planner. The Dashboard has a weekly layout similar to my Plannerisms planner: vertical days with space below for lists and notes.

Moleskine's Star Wars lineup has expanded with 18 month as well as 12 month planners in Large and Pocket size. And, the Pocket size Daily and Horizontal Weekly planners will be available in Magenta, Brilliant Violet, Orange Yellow and Oxide Green.

Next up: the Quo Vadis 2013-2014 catalog is also out now. Go to http://exaclairretailers.com/ and click on Consumers below the catalog you want to see. They are bringing back an old favorite, the Quarter 26, which is great for people with an appointment-heavy schedule. You can read more about the Quarter 26 and its return here on the Quo Vadis blog.

If you're feeling swamped with recurring events and can't seem to keep track of them, you need to get yourself a WeekDate planner. Their Only Write It Once system means you write all your recurring events that happen every week and every month only once, so even when you are planning weeks ahead you can still see what's happening each day. Unfortunately, this might be the last year for WeekDate planners: if they don't manage to sell all their stock this year, the company will probably not be able to afford to print 2014's. WeekDate is an awesome company run by wonderful people, and their innovative products really do help save your sanity! I've done lots of reviews of WeekDate products, please check them out.

And finally, last but definitely not least, Brush Dance planners and calendars are now 50% off on their website (www.brushdance.com)! If you haven't seen Brush Dance planners, you really should check them out, they are beautiful. I recently bought one just because it was so pretty and I had to have it. (Review will be up in a couple of days. :)  )

***Edited to add something I had originally intended to put in this post but forgot in my flu-induced haze: Mstraat kindly pointed out to me that Uncalendar's Lifestyle Pro looseleaf pages are now available UNPUNCHED! Yes you read that right! Their Full Size and their Half Size pages now come unpunched so you can fit them into your Filofax, Franklin Covey, Circa or whatever else you like. 

So that's the planner news I know. Have you heard any interesting planner news out there?


  1. Thanx Laurie for the beautiful article. Could you recommend me anything about wedding planner? Dont know what is easy and good to use. Thanx in advance. Greek hugs(not in crisis!!)

    1. Hi lena, I don't know any wedding planners but maybe someone else out there can recommend one? I know a lot of people use their Filofax to plan their wedding.

    2. Filofax YES! thank you again Laurie!!!!

    3. You're very welcome lena! :)

  2. oh :0( Hi Laurie - I just ordered my planner on Tuesday - and wavered for a while, as pink was the only one available, but then, really wanted it, and didn't want to miss out completely, given I'm already this late! If only I'd waited one more day! Do you reckon there's any way I could swap it? Shall I e-mail you?

    Also, by the way, I've been a stealth reader of your blog for a while now - it is as though someone came along and said - 'your obsession with diaries and planners and notebooks (and all things stationery, let's be honest here) is fine'. Thank you for that :0)

    1. Hi Knox, you could place your order for the color you want and then return your pink planner when it arrives. Please check the Collins website for their return details. Let me know if you are interested. :)

    2. And PS thanks for your kind words! Yes we all understand each other here at Plannerisms and we know that stationery obsessions are perfectly ok! You are with friends here. ;D


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