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Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome to Quarter 2! Are your Annual Goals 1/4 completed?

Quarterly Goals pages in the Plannerisms Planner

This morning I realized the year is already 1/4 over. But are my Annual Goals 1/4 finished?

Well, some of them are and some of them aren't.

It's time to review my Annual Goals, and to look at which Quarter 1 goals I've completed and which are ongoing.  I need to identify the roadblocks of the goals that haven't made much progress and figure out what I can do to be more effective with those. Then I will write my revised Quarter 2 goals and April goals, armed with my new plan of how to effectively achieve them!

For more information on goal setting, Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Goals, and how to turn your plans into action see my post about it here. This post talks about using the Plannerisms planner specifically for Goals planning, but it's excellent goal-setting advice for use with any system.

How are your Goals for 2013 coming along? Are they 1/4 finished? What can you do in this quarter to make more progress with your Annual Goals?


  1. I've finished 3 of the 12 knitting projects I want to, so I'm on track with that!
    And I've read 5 of the 12 books I wanted to!

    I haven't, however, kept on track with the weightloss goal. Ooops.

  2. I'm not doing badly. One or two are way down but I find that monitoring weekly and monthly goals helps. It's all in the monitoring :)

  3. I didn´t set annual goals, but am gradually working my way through my 101 list, using the tracking abilities of my Plannerisms planner to help me keep going - loving it so much :-)

    1. So glad you're loving your Plannerisms planner! :)

  4. Sorta; the highest priority goals are done and were quite successful. Some of the lower priority items are still perking or have been eliminated due to lack of time.

    My big issue is that I struggle with keeping my eye on these things. I have ADD and shift focus quite easily (and frequently!). If I write out quarterly goals each quarter, I am likely to accomplish them. If I try to write out Q3 goals in January, I'm liable to have lost ALL interest in them by the time I get to July. I think the best thing for me is to look monthly at goals and decide what I want to do that particular month, then work towards it. Some things take longer than a month but that simply requires breaking them down more completely.

    1. Josh you make an excellent point: often there is only so much planning ahead you can do. There are some goals that will be relevant all year long, but there are others, as you noted, that might become irrelevant later.

      For some people and/ or some goals, it works to write Quarterly Goals for the entire year ahead of time. For others, it's better to write them as you go along in the year, referring to your Annual Goals often.

      For Monthly goals, I recommend writing them every month. That way you can carry over uncompleted goals from the previous month, and refine your plan as you go along in the year.

      Reaching your goals is always a fine balance between being flexible with your plans but rigid enough that you stay on track.


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