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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Totally customized planner from PlanMyPlanner.com

PlanMyPlanner.com lets you completely customize every aspect of your planner from the format (daily, day on two pages, or weekly in a wide variety of layouts), theme, colors, added pages (notes, menu planning, food diary, teaching pages and more!) in your choice of size, and bound vs hole-punched pages!  You can also send in your own images for the cover and/or background. Read on!

There are several themes to choose from, or you can send in your own image for the cover and/ or pages. I chose the supercute Hootie Hoo design:

I added two year overview pages for the current and next year.

I added monthly pages:

I added two notes pages between each month, just the way I like it. You can choose how many notes pages you want, and you can specify exactly where you want them in your planner!

I chose the vertical weekly pages, but there are so many weekly layout options it was hard to choose! You can choose whether you want an academic-year or calendar-year planner. I went again with the Hootie Hoo design, but you can choose a different background for each set of pages if you want.

There's a fantastic selection of food journals and menu planners, and you can add them in sets of 5 or 25 pages. I went for the menu planner plus grocery list:

Then at the back of the planner I added a few more handy notes pages:
PlanMyPlanner is run by Catie, who does all the designs and can customize anything you want! She says:

Since I am the one creating all of the planner designs, I can customize anything that a customer might need, from the format of the page to the design of the background.  I have gotten to do a lot of fun projects.  Here are a few examples:

  • I worked with a doctor's office to create branded food journals for the doctor to give to his weight loss patients.  The food journals were tailored to the plan the doctor recommended (number of snacks, a place to record water intake) and a recommended grocery shopping list was included on the front page of the book.
  • I created planners for the teachers at a preschool in San Francisco.  The background changed each month and featured photos of artwork done by the students at the school.  The important dates for the teachers were pre-printed on the monthly calendars, and the cover included the school's name along with more student artwork.  The final planners were darling!
  • I worked with a collegiate gymnastics team to create team planners.  They sent me all of the information that they usually included in a handbook.  In past years, they had just formatted the handbook in Microsoft Word and stapled the pages together.  The handbook was quite lengthy, as it included a detailed training log, rules, and things like the team mission statement.  We put the entire handbook (better formatted and branded with the team logo) into the front of the planner.  Then we followed that with weekly planning pages for the academic year.  Those pages had all important dates pre-printed on the calendar, and they were branded with the team logo.  The collegiate gymnasts could use the planner as a training log and academic planner, all in one.  

There are other sites that allow you to format your own booklets or calendars.  However, instead of asking the customer to do all of the work, I do all of the formatting and design and send PDF proofs for approval.  The professional print house that I use prints to a very high standard, and the customizable covers are a lot more flexible than most other options.  In addition, my prices are fantastic for such custom work.  I don't charge an hourly or per-project "design fee", and the custom pages are priced the same as the pages that are available on the website.  There are also no minimum order requirements for my planners, which is incredibly rare in the printing world.  

I started this company because I couldn't find a planner that suited my needs perfectly, and I really love the process of creating something for other people that fills the same void for them.


PlanMyPlanner ships internationally. Catie has sent several planners to customers in Europe but I was the first one in the UK. I did have to pay import and delivery taxes, so be aware of that.

As you add pages, the total does add up. But if you're like me and you buy several planners per year in your search for the perfect planner, you could save money buying just the one planner that's customized to be exactly what you want!

Many huge thanks to PlanMyPlanner for this customized planner! 

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  1. What a great website! I love the options there. I too would gladly pay a little more to get exactly what I want. I'm not seeing the option for a personal size binder, however (unless I'm missing something). I'm very sad about this, but I'm happy for the users of the bigger binders who can take advantage of these great inserts.

    (I adore the owl!)


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