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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ask Plannerisms: planners with menstrual calendars?

A reader emailed me yesterday to ask if I know of any planners that have a menstrual calendar. She mentioned the only one she knows of, the Slingshot Organizer, but it's not her style and she's on the search.

I personally don't know of any, which is strange when you think of how many planners are geared toward women either indirectly via color and/ or design, or specifically as mom planners etc.

In absence of designated menstrual calendars, I have found the following two types of calendars in planners to be useful:

The year-overview reference calendar with the days just as numbers:

And the year at a glance planner with the months as vertical columns.
These photos are both from my Plannerisms planner, but lots of other planners/ diaries have these types of calendars in them too.

I know Filofax used to make menstrual calendar inserts, but those went extinct along with lots of other inserts and forms they no longer make.

Does anyone know of a planner/ diary with a menstrual calendar?  Thanks for any info!


  1. I saw one in a pic of a diary a couple of weeks ago... Only of course now I can't find it again :-( it was little (like A6 size ish) with a black cover and I think gold gilt page edges. Might have been a Collins? I was scouring their business diaries a few weeks ago. Anyway the page showed a year calendar in columns, each column was 4 weeks long. So theoretically your start/end dates should be in the same area of the calendar each time. I thought it was a really great idea (particularly as my cycles are crazy irregular and I'm having difficulty explaining this to the GP) and hand-wrote a similar page for my filofax.

  2. We can create one for Filofax? Or recreate a version of the Filofax one if you can show me what it looked like? Does anyone have one they can scan in?

    1. Hi Steve I forgot to reply to this but YES that would be wonderful! I will look for an example online, but it's like Gail said where the months are in vertical columns but only 28 days instead of the actual month. That way you can see if you cycle is regular or not. A Filofax version would be great, and can always be taped into any book. Thanks! Later I'll look around online and see if I can find an example.

  3. I don't know of any planners, but I wonder if any of the natural family planning/calendar method sites have printable calendars that would work.

  4. Hi - This is an Australian diary that I have used in the past. It's not a huge planner/diary but it is really a beautiful design http://www.moondiary.com.au/diary.html

    1. Thanks for the link, that's a beautiful diary! And it does say it has a menstrual calendar. I like that it is specifically for the southern hemisphere, those must be hard to find.


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