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Monday, February 24, 2014

Quo Vadis Exatime 17 (personal size Filofax compatible) 2014 week + notes diary insert

Several months ago there was a lot of interest among Filofax fans about these Exatime 17 inserts from Quo Vadis. These were going to be available for the first time in the US, and everyone was looking forward to the superior paper.

This insert was very generously sent to me by Mstraat, who ordered these from PaperBistro.com. These 2014 inserts are now sold out on that website, but they do have a selection of other inserts still available and I hope they will have the 2015 diary insert available later this year. **Edited: I am happy to confirm that the 2015 inserts are now available! Click here for the page.

This Exatime 17 diary insert is a multi-language week + notes format which fits Filofax personal size/ Franklin Covey compact binders. Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

I'll take you for a walk through the pages. First page is information:

I've put a blue personal size Filofax page on top, and you can see the Exatime 17 pages are slightly wider than the Filofax personal size pages:

Next is a chart of moon phases and patron saint days for 2014:

Next are planning pages with months as columns. Holidays for France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Belgium are indicated:

There are three months per page, so the entire year covers four pages.

Next is a chart of holidays for Europe and the US.

Next are the weekly pages:
The left page has Monday through Saturday in French, English and German, lined and timed with holidays on the day spaces.
I measure the ruling at 3 mm.

The right page has space for notes, and Sunday. The Notes spaces are not lined, but they are sectioned so you can easily see notes corresponding to a particular day, or you can use the page for categorized lists.

The last pages are monthly column planners for 2015, again with three months per page.

The paper is ivory, 85 gsm and elegantly smooth as you would expect from Quo Vadis.

Thanks again to Mstraat for generously sending me these inserts! It's an excellent format, and I really hope they will be available to US folks again for 2015. If I hear any news about it I will be sure to let you know!

***Update: I have confirmation from Quo Vadis that they plan to bring these back again for 2015! Hooray! So keep your eye on PaperBistro later this year for the 2015 inserts.


  1. I love the set-up (and it fits my binder!!!), but I would miss monthly tabs.


    1. I love my monthly tabs too! Avery makes a set of monthly tabs or the martha stewart tabs stick really well.

    2. Avery monthly tabs? Interesting. Got a product reference number or linkage, please?

  2. Hi Laurie, I'm looking for a filofax Personal day per page for next year, preferably that is fountain pen friendly, and this seems like a possibility. Can I ask if you tried a fountain pen with this, and also, more crucially, the photos show the extra 3mm overlap, but I can't tell if it obscures the normal Filofax tabs like DIARY, PROJECTS etc. Can you remember if you could still see your tabs? Your thoughts are appreciated, as always! Paul

  3. Hi Laurie, do you know if this is fountain pen friendly paper? I'm mainly concerned with it showing through the other side. Also do you know if the extra 3mm overlap completely obscures a standard filofax tab on the personal size (like the DIARY, PROJECTS etc.)? Thanks! Paul

  4. Hi Paul, I still have these inserts so I was able to check for you. I don't have any fountain pens so I can't speak to that specifically, but my roller ball pen does not bleed through at all (which it does on Moleskine paper for example) so it's possible that thinner nibs/ not too wet inks would do fine. Unfortunately the wider pages do completely obscure the Filofax tabs.

    These inserts are now available for 2015 on Paper Bistro: http://www.paperbistro.com/-18544E-2015-AFA-Exatime-17-Dated-Weekly-Insert-17-x-9-8-cm-85g-6-Rings/4773/

  5. Brilliant. Thanks, Laurie. I'll have a look at Paper Bistro, as the only variety I found on Amazon was the multilingual version which loses a lot of space for the languages. The QV EU website is an impossibility to navigate for buying Filofax refills, by the way!


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