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Thursday, October 9, 2014

2015 WeekDate planner

WeekDate planners are back for 2015 with more gorgeous cover options including this one (my favorite) in the Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid! It's called "Color Blind."
Other cover options include a beautiful white and blue pattern called "Plays Well With Others," a bold orange and black one called "Fully Charged," and a minimalist black design called "Young Exec." You can click through here to see them all.

I love WeekDate planners for their unique, sanity-saving layout that allows you to write recurring events only once (really!) and see your entire schedule in one glance. At the top you write monthly recurring events, at the bottom you write weekly recurring events, and in the middle you see two weeks at a time (!) of your daily plans.

The month layout has a genius color scheme that allows you to easily see on your daily pages where you are in the month. So you look up the column to find what's happening on that day every month.

In the bottom section you write all your weekly recurring events, then look down the column to see everything you need to do each day, scheduled and recurring. It's great for avoiding double bookings, even weeks in advance. 

There are also month at a glance calendars with two months in view so you can have an easy visual of bills due, deadlines, holidays and travel.

The pages open out big but the planner folds down super slim and so light you can easily carry it with you everywhere you go, so there's no more half-booked or over-booked days. In the photo below you can see the planner folded with a pencil to see how slim it is!
There are so many ways to use this planner. You can use the weekly recurring section to write your class schedule, after-school activities, and weekly meetings. Week numbers are printed on the weeks so you can designate odd/ even weeks for your rotating bi-weekly meal plans, household cleaning schedule, even the pickup days for garbage/ recycling/ yard waste so you don't have to write those over and over again in your calendar. It's a massively powerful planner in a slim and light package.

Warning: these planners sell out every year so if you want one you should hurry to order! They are available at www.WeekDate.com.

Huge thanks to WeekDate for sending me this planner to review!

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