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Monday, November 17, 2014

Moleskine 2016 planners catalog!!

Every year about this time I start searching the internet for the new Moleskine catalog. Imagine my delight when I found it so early in the year! Here it is:


The 2016 planner collection starts on page 58. Here are some of my observations and highlights:

  • Edited because I just realized the Turntable planners are no more!
  • The weekly notebook planners FINALLY come with colored hard covers! Hooray!
  • The new colors apply to the day per page planners too. They are red, Hay Yellow (instead of the current orange-yellow, which I like), Royal Blue, Tide Green (instead of the current Oxide Green which I really like) and Mauve Purple (combining the current Magenta pink and Violet purple colors).
  • Looks like the Weekly Horizontal planners only come with black covers now? Except extra small which also comes in red.
  • The Panoramic and Professional series of planners are still there, which I am glad to see. 
  • Limited Edition planners are Star Wars again (even more cartoony than in years past), Le Petit Prince again with very nice looking cloth covers, and Peanuts again. 
  • And the Evernote planner, which is a cool idea.
And that's it, wow. The Moleskine planner selection continues to contract. I'm relieved to see the day per page planners are still offered, I've been using them since 2008 so I'd be really upset if they were no more. And obviously the weekly notebook planners are a huge hit for them, but otherwise their selection is on the shrink (even more so than last year).

Something else I noticed is their Chapters Journal (page 47), those look interesting.

Meanwhile I don't care for the Batman or Mad Hatter themed notebooks.

I like the Notebook Tool Belt on page 41-42 as an obvious competitor to many similar notebook accessories I've seen online. I wonder what the price will be though.

What do you think about next year's Moleskine collection?


  1. I love the weekly notebook format, even more now that there are color options. But the paper is terrible, which spoils these for me.

  2. Those chapter journals look awesome!! I was really struggling with putting all of my life page to page in a bullet journal. . and this might be the answer! Any idea when these will be available? Not till actually 2016? Or is this the "spring" 2015 availability?
    This year I used the Wo2P vertical and really liked it, but not enough space for all my meetings and things, so am trying the Time Traveler for next year, but good to know it will still be available for 2016 if I want to go back to it!

  3. I'm glad to see the Taskmaster again - I love that layout. It has worked very well for classes this year.

  4. I wonder why turntable had been removed from choice? My dearst had been very happy to find that format and use it over year - only to find next year no more. Any chance Moleskine would change their opinion?


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