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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

2015-2016 Academic year planners

I've noticed the academic year planners are starting to emerge.

LoveNotebooks has Paperblanks academic year planners available now.

Simply Moleskine has some of their 18 month planners in stock now, but Amazon lists them as being available in April or May.

**Edited to add: Today my large 18 month 2015-2016 Moleskine weekly notebook (in the gorgeous new Tide Green color) arrived, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find they have gone back to the grid monthly calendars they used several years ago! The only problem with these is they sacrifice the future-year planning that was in the monthly columns. But honestly there are plenty of notes pages in the back of the book to convert a few into your future-year planner.

Quo Vadis academic year planners are usually available in May, as are most of the other brands.

Do you use an academic year planner? How early do you like to buy yours?


  1. I prefer an Academic planner - my job's fiscal year is Jul 1 - Jun 30, and it is so nice to have the entire kids' school schedule planned out, too.

    Sadly, the academic selection tends to be weaker. And the designs tend to be funky, rather than professional.

    Years ago, I needed the advance planning so badly I bought a Jan and a June calendar EVERY year. It was easier to "waste" the overlap pages to get the extra 6 months in the future.

    Ring binders make it easier to deal with adding future monthly pages, but introduce a whole new level of tweaking/perfectionism that make me miss the simplicity of bound planners.

  2. Hi! I use academic planners because i'm a teacher. I'm from Portugal and here the academic year it's from September to July, so i buy my planner (or make it) in August. But this year i'm starting sooner. We are in March and i'm starting a totally diy planner :)
    You can see my blog, where i post about planners and stationery but it's in Portuguese (http://simplesmentepalavras.blogs.sapo.pt).

  3. I use an academic planner because I'm a university student. Thanks for the suggestions though! It seems like I change brands every year. I'm currently using a custom one from personal-planner.com


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