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Friday, February 26, 2010

Exaclair Week Wrap-Up

To wrap up Exaclair week, I have compiled a list of all the Exaclair reviews I have posted on Plannerisms to date, as well as some websites of interest.

I think Exaclair products are great. They are very high quality, have wonderful paper, and I love the colorful cover options. As a company, they really listen to their customers and make product changes to meet customers' needs and wants. Much of that has to do with Karen herself, she does a wonderful job communicating with users of Exaclair products.

Some Exaclair links for you to peruse:

The Exaclair planners website, which has Quo Vadis, Exacompta and Rhodia planners:


If you haven't checked out the Quo Vadis blog yet, you must go have a look:


(While you are there you might have a look at my Feb. 1 guest post on planners while traveling.)

Also if you haven't seen the Exaclair Planners and Notebooks group on Flickr (which I admin) then check it out. There are a lot of great photos of people's planners and notebooks in action:


The 2011 Exaclair planners and notebooks catalogs:


Here is the list of my Exaclair posts. There's been a lot of Exaclair love here on Plannerisms!

bookmark/ elastic strap review

Journal 21 daily planner review

A fun story about my Textagenda

A look at my other Textagenda

My sister's Trinote

My sister's Rhodia notebooks

Monthly 4 review

Visoplan vs. Exaplan decision

Visoplan review

Posts about my Minister weekly planner:

The epic battle of the planners

Let It Begin!

Things I love about it

Suggestions to improve it

The victorious hero!

And these are just the posts where I directly talk about particular Exaclair products! They've had lots of mentions too--click on Exaclair in my sidebar under Labels if you want to see them all.

I hope you've enjoyed Exaclair Week on Plannerisms! If you are an Exaclair user, let's hear from you! What do you use, what do you like?

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