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Friday, December 4, 2009

Meet Highlander

Many thanks again to Karen at Exaclair for sending me an Equology cover for my Minister in Rose. My Equology Minister came with a black cover, which is very professional looking, but I really wanted the nice bright color of the Rose cover. I have recently turned anti-black for my planner and notebook covers in favor of color whenever possible. The Rose Equology cover is a nice cheery color. I like it!

So the pink cover doesn't exactly look like something that would be called "Highlander," but in my epic battle between planners, my Mole is Neo so my Minister, by default, is Highlander.

And I am very happy to announce that Highlander, aka Equology Minister is...


THE ONE!!!!!

After less than a week of use, the Minister is far and away the clear winner over the Moleskine weekly notebook. So much for Calling the Dog--I haven't even opened the Mole since I started the Minister.

The Minister is so much more structured and organized than the Mole, which apparently I need in a big way. This first week of using the Minister I have been systematically working through the enormous pile of things I had procrastinated endlessly while I was using the Mole. The Minister is so effective because the categorized task boxes let me see what I need to do, and the timed daily columns let me see when I have time to do it. Genius.

Another reason why the Minister works so well for me is because I remember things visually. I remember by visualizing the page that I have something written at 5pm even if I don't remember what it is. I remember I have something written in the "Phone" box even if I don't remember who I'm supposed to call. So I remember to check my planner for details, and I stay on track.

I don't know if the Minister is my Perfect Planner, but it seems to be the closest thing in existence. The weekly layout. The tasks boxes. The international information. The maps! It's packed with features that I use. I love it!

Welcome, Highlander!


  1. Love this color! Looks like the lay-out will work...I'll be looking for your updates. Thank-you for this blog~great job!

  2. Hi Treet, glad you're enjoying the blog! Stay tuned for more planners...

  3. Hi Laurie, I followed you yere from the philofaxy blog. Congratulations on finding your one true love. (in planner terms then) And how bad! You made me order a minister! I chose the robert le heroes cover in plum. It shipped yesterday from the UK, so I expect it about Monday here in the Netherlands. I hope it will be as useful for me as it is to you.
    Paulien (pauw13)

  4. Hi Paulien! I hope you like your Minister as much as I like mine. That RLH cover looks beautiful! I'd love to hear what you think about it when it arrives, keep me posted!


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