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Monday, December 28, 2009

Letts Scotland Diary

This is the Letts 2010 Scotland Diary, which is a weekly (week + notes) format. This little planner is packed to the gills with Scotland facts and information and would make a great gift for anyone who lives in, travels to, or has any interest in Scotland.

First of all, I love the cover with the thistle design in place of the zeros in the year. Inside the covers are full-color photos of Scottish castles and landmarks. Inside the book there are several pages full of Scotland information: events for 2010, historical facts, famous Scots, and then an astonishing number of websites, phone numbers and contact information for every type of service or interesting place in Scotland's major cities. There's information for travelers, mileage charts, and visitors' attractions.

The Scotland information doesn't stop there. In the weekly section, every single day has a Scottish date of note. Every. Single. Day! The birth dates of famous Scottish people, dates of historical events, anniversaries and other dates of note. It's really remarkable.

The planner itself is very small and slim, and the week + notes format would be useful for someone who doesn't have many appointments. I bought it just for the Scotland information. I really, really wanted one for Homecoming year 2009, but by the time I got around to ordering one last year they were, tragically, completely sold out. I didn't want to have the same problem again this year so I pre-ordered it this past summer and happily received it in the fall. The personalization with my initials on the cover is a nice touch too.

I'm really happy to have this little planner, more for the information it contains than for planning. I'm bringing it with me on my trip to Scotland as a reference book, and undoubtedly it will be helpful during my time there.

It's a clever idea for a specialty diary, and another great diary by Letts.


  1. Hi Laurie: that looks like a really practical book for Scotland. Now that you're back from your trip, I was wondering if you had actually used to to write stuff down or did you simply use it as a reference guide?

  2. Hope you enjoyed Scotland, I've got a few pictures of Oban and the Gourock-Dunoon Ferry on my blog page if you are interested.


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