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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Idea: weekly lists page in day-per-page planner

I was looking at emil2099's beautiful photo on Flickr of his weekly tasks lists written in his day-per-page Moleskine planner. It made me think of how I usually have a lot of tasks that don't necessarily need to be done on a particular day, but sometime during the week. I think for someone using a daily book, emil2099's idea of writing his weekly lists on Sunday or Monday is a great idea so as to not have to re-write the same tasks day to day. But, of course that takes up valuable space on the daily page.

So I had the idea of a day per page planner with a page before Monday every week for task lists. The page could look something like the Minister's dashboard of task boxes. Or the page could even be blank, or just lined. That would give an entire page to write that week's goals, must-do items, or non-urgent tasks (urgent ones on the day pages).

This would result in a nice page layout too: Notes page and Monday together on one spread, Tuesday and Wednesday together on a spread, Thursday and Friday, then the weekend spread with Saturday and Sunday together. This would mean that each day of the week is always on the same side of the page consistently throughout the book. In planners that are truly one day per page, the days of the week alternate sides each week. Some planners get around this by having Saturday and Sunday together on one page.

Has anyone ever seen or heard of a day per page planner with a notes page before each Monday? I would be really interested in a planner like this.


  1. Not EXACTLY what you were asking for, but I have been having great success using the Franklin Covey "Progressive Task List", which is a page marker that you can move around in your planner. I use it as my daily page marker and list my weekly to-do items on it - things that I would only be carrying over from day to day anyway. This way I only have to write it all down once, and I can track it easily because it moves through my week with me. You can see a photo on my Flickr page at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhgrrl/4165591117/

  2. I really like that!

    In the past when I've used day per page planners I've used sticky notes for my lists that I could move from day to day. That didn't work as well as I expected--they tended to fall off and get lost way too easily.

  3. This exact thing already exists: day per page planners with a weekly planning page at the beginning of each week! They are called Parker Planners, and you can see my review here:



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