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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Calling all planners! Reader needs help!!!

Jamie is a Plannerisms reader with a big problem: his planner that works so well for him has been...brace yourselves...discontinued!!! To me, this would be terrible. Once I find something that I really like and that works so well for me, I get really upset if it's no longer available!

I'm hoping you readers will be able to help Jamie out. I'm not familiar with the brand of planner he uses (Burde) so I wasn't able to give him suggestions for a direct equivalent. He uses a spiral bound day per page planner, and the only one I know of is the Quo Vadis Textagenda, but of course that's on the academic year which is half over by now.

Here is Jamie's email to me. If you are familiar with Burde planners and can recommend an equivalent, or have any suggestions for him, please post them in the comments! Thanks everybody!!

I am a fellow planner lover and I'm in quite a pickle. I am in love with my current planner - a Burde, spiral bound, heavy-duty cloth covered cover, one day per page, dated, untimed, removable corners, and plenty of space to write. My problem is that this planner has fallen off the face of the earth for 2010! To some, I may sound ridicilous but I think you'll understand when I say, I am so upset! I have searched high and low for a suitable replacement for this planner which ends in about 15 days and nothing is even comparable. I found your blog when I was doing my daily search for a new planner and wanted to know if you knew of anything that might help me out?? I would appreciate any help that you are willing to offer. Thanks so much !

Happy Holidays,


  1. Wow, nightmare! I Googled Burd and couldn't come up with anything, not even so much as a photo of one. I will say that I have used the At-a-Glance Day Minder spiral day per page planner (photo of one on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhgrrl/4191670076/in/pool-plannerista).

    I don't know if that helps any, but I found it to be a good inexpensive, spiral, day per page option.

    Good luck!!

  2. YM,
    Thank you for your input! I will take anything I can get and am willing to check out anything :) I'll keep you posted!

    Thanks for posting my delimma :)


  3. Has anyone checked out the Burde company website at http://www.burde.com? It's written in Finnish, but there are product page layouts, a downloadable PDF catalog for 2010, and an International page written in English. On it is an email address for further contact (info@burde.com), and a notice for American customers that Burde diaries are available at Barnes & Noble.

  4. Shard,
    Thanks for the website! I thought I looked at it before but I think the Finnish threw me off. Barnes and Noble is where I bought the original one and they don't have any records of a new edition. Thanks for you help!

  5. Amazon.com has a Brownline coil pro day per page spiral with no times. This brand also has a day per page with times so keep your eyes peeled. The binding is hard cover, nice looking, but not ultra sturdy.

  6. I'm in the exact same pickle as Jamie! I've used those Burde page-a-day diaries for two years in a row. Jamie, did you find one?


  7. I've used the burde Weekly Planner for about 4 years now, and am also devistated that Barnes & Noble stopped carrying them. I emailed burde a few months ago when I found out that B&N was no longer ordering them. There is no other supplier of their brand in the USA. So sad. I just sent an email to B&N customer service asking them to carry the brand again.

  8. OMG. This is totally me. I love Burde! I've been using them for so long, I feel like I'm cutting off my arm to not use one. It's like this nightmare. It sounds so silly, but it really is devastating.

    I've been researching. I think that I'm going to go with this Moleskin one. I didn't find it in Barnes and Noble, but on the Moleskin site if you look at the weekly planners, select vertical. Their vertical layout is nearly identical in the photos. It won't be nearly as good ... not being spiral bound and coming in great colors. But it will have to do.

    Also, there is a vertical layout (keywords to look for) with the refill kind that Staples carries, but it would cost me about 3 times as much as the old Burde ones.

    I think I'm going with Moleskin. And will write a note to B&N to complain.

  9. Same story: I am a 10-year user of the Burde Weekly planner because I love the format. I visited 3 different Barnes & Nobel stores in an attempt to find the 2010 Burde planner, and like everyone else, didn't find it. But one B&N did have a very similar product with the EXACT same weekly format as the Burde. It is made by Silver Lining, NY, NY 10011, "made in China", and the ISBN number is 978-06419-79019. I had to buy the planner as a package combo with its binder (I would have preferred the spiral binding like the Burde), and supposedly, in future years I should be able to buy just the planner insert for the current calendar year. We shall see . . . But, at least for 2010 I have the planner format I have come to depend on.

  10. Like Sharon, I emailed Burde and got a nice reply back from Thomas.Ohlsson (AT burde DOT com). He said they are negotiating with B&N for next year's planners. But for 2010 B&N didn't purchase them, so Burde didn't even produce the English versions. I guess I have to check out the At a Glance or Brownline coil, because I need the page a day version.


  11. I got the Brownline coil today, I'm pretty happy with it so far - and they had it in pink :)

    Check it out: http://flickr.com/gp/13901738@N02/2ZXx97

  12. ME TOO! ME TOO!! I am thinking I am going to order from a Finish online store and in bulk, Who wants to go in with me on this??? they not in english but who cares. I like the format. and numbers are numbers.

    sifudesignstudio at gmail dot com

  13. Oh my gosh. I have been looking for this Burde daily planner as well for months--gone to probably 5 different Barnes and Noble stores to see if they had them. I am really missing this planner. We need to see if the company will produce this in English. The version I had was actually an 18-month version so they could do one starting in August. I have a nice leather cover; just need the refill.

  14. Everything that has been said - well - if you aren't a Burde lover - you would NEVER understand. It's great to know you are all there with me and I too had a nice email conversation with Thomas :D - Maybe if we sent him a link to this page he would see how much we truly need him to come through for us.
    I had to settle for the Quo Vadis Adacemic Minister planner for this year but I am sure hoping B & N comes through for us.....

  15. Burde is BACK in the US market for 2011.
    Can I get a Woo Hoo???

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  17. Found on B & N web site, not available until August 1 - YEAH, it's back!!

  18. I've been seeing them on the B&N website and now they are gone (wasn't able to purchase off the website because they were "out of stock")! Went into local stores and they didn't have shipment dates.... has anyone been able to pick one up???

  19. http://www.burde.com/kontakt/international

  20. great news everyone! BURDE IS BACK!! yes barnes-n-nobles has the 2011 day planner! I just bought it today although they said they received the shipment back in OCTOBER (liars)!

  21. In ref. to: "Calling All Planners!"...

    Good news Jamie, I found a 2012 refill 8.25" for our Organizer 6 Ring-Bond 18 Month Calendar by Barnes & Noble, ISBN # is 0594152666 for $7.15 online plus shipping or in some Barnes & Noble stores for $7.99.

    It looks like it will fit our Silver Lining Organizer & Looks just like the refill we need.
    I too have been looking for this for some time & found Silver Lining to be discontinued as well. However, Findercheapers.com had a photo & info of our exact organizer/planner on their website; though, it was a 2010 & "not available at this time".

    I have NOT received it yet & will be waiting on Barnes & Noble to cal me when in. I will confirm this info with you, if it works for my Silver Lining Planner when I pick it up in 5 to 7 days.

    Info for Item as Follows:
    Cover Image

    2012 Refill 8.25'' Organizer 6 Ring 18 Month Calendar
    by Barnes & Noble

    ISBN: 0594152666
    For $7.15 online price only plus sh&h.
    $7.99 in stores

    View Product Details

  22. has anyone bought a Burde planner recently from Barnes & Noble? I loved them, and on the website nothing is in English, can ANYONE help me?

  23. I was looking for the planner to surprise a friend but...Burde website states:

    Message to our American customers:

    Unfortunately we do not have a cooperation with Barnes & Noble for 2012.
    We are hoping to again be delivering planners to Barnes & Noble for 2013.

    Our business concept

    - We develop, manufacture, sell and distribute a commercially-focused range of time planning tools.
    - We have one of the most powerful ranges on the market, which can be purchased in selected stores and bookshops.

    Our goal is to increase our exports to Finland, Norway and the United States.
    If you need information about us and our products, please send an e-mail to info@burde.com

    Thomas Sigward-Ohlsson
    Sales Manager

    Guess we have to wait for 2013. :(

  24. I, too, am a Burde fan. Has anyone heard anything yet about the 2013 daily datebooks yet? According to the B&N website, they should be available on 9/1, but they don't have any pictures yet. I guess I'll believe it when I see them officially for sale.


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