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Friday, June 4, 2010

ecosystem weekly planners

In my previous post I told you all about the ecosystem brand of 100% recycled planners and notebooks (which you can read more about at www.ecosystemlife.com), and gave my review of the medium author lined journal. In this post, I will give you details about their weekly planners.

The ecosystem advisor planners come in a variety of formats, sizes, and cover colors. The available formats are monthly, and two different formats of weekly: the "calendar weekly" has a week + notes format with the week's schedule on the left page and the right page lined for notes. The "calendar weekly horizontal" format has the week spread across the two pages.

ecosystem very generously sent me one of each of the weekly format planners to review. Both formats of weekly planners have the same information and monthly planning pages.

Inside the front cover there is an Information page where you can write your name and contact information. On this page there is a printed note that says if the book is found, please refer to the ID number printed inside the back cover and go to www.ecosystemlife.com to reunite the book with the owner. For this reason it's a very good idea to register your book on the website. I think this is an excellent service provided by the company.

There is another information page where you can write more details if you wish including your address, phone number, blood type, medications, driver's license number etc.

After that there is a two-page spread with the current year's planning calendar:
After that there are planning pages with the months as columns with a line per day:
After the current year's monthly planning pages there is a two-page spread with next year's overview, followed by monthly planning pages for all of that year.

After the monthly planners, there is a 2-page spread with a Travel Record to record your destination, itinerary, notes and dates.

The next 2-page spread is a time zone map for the US. After that there are pages with US Toll-Free numbers for airlines, car rentals, hotels, computer online services and more. This would be very useful for anyone living in or traveling to the US.

The next 2-page spread is a map of International Time Zones:The pages after that include international dialing codes, US area codes, a page of measurement conversions, and a website log to record website names, urls and notes.

After that, the weekly planner section begins.

Here is the pocket size horizontal weekly planner with an onyx (black) hard cover:
The matte-black cover is truly hard-backed for durability. The cotton elastic strap and placemarker are color-matched.

The horizontal weekly format shows the days of the week across both pages (you can click on the photo for a larger view):
All holidays for the US, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Australia and New Zealand are printed in the day spaces. Also printed on the day spaces are religious holidays for several religions, and celebration days like Grandparents' Day. The phases of the moon are also printed.

The medium weekly (week + notes format) planner is the gorgeous watermelon pink color:This has the flexi cover, which is flexible yet durable. Again the placemarker and elastic strap are color matched.

The weekly format shows the week's schedule on the left page, with the right page lined for notes (click to enlarge): As in the horizontal weekly format, all holidays and phases of the moon are printed in the day spaces.

The medium size ecosystem notebooks and planners are the same size as the large Moleskine notebooks and planners. This medium ecosystem planner fits perfectly in my Rickshaw Bagworks Moleskine Folio (which you can read my review of here):

Both planners have a pocket in the back to hold papers, cards, or whatever you like. There is a selection of inserts for the back pocket available to purchase, to supplement your planner: a monthly calendar, notes pages, address booklet, to-do lists and more.

You can read my review of the paper, and details about the brand in general, in my previous post.

If you are interested in planners that are 100% recycled and 100% made in the US, you should definitely check out the ecosystem collection!

Ecosystem products can be found in participating Barnes and Noble, and Staples stores and also can be purchased online.

You can find ecosystem on:

Twitter at http://twitter.com/ecosystemlife.

Facebook (search for "ecosystemlife")

Read their blog at http://ecosystemlife.tumblr.com/

Many thanks again to ecosystem for giving me the opportunity to try their excellent products and learn more about their brand!


  1. Testing to see if I can post comments!

  2. Okay good, comments are not broken then.

  3. The ecosystem looks a look like Moleskine (aside the colourful cover maybe). What would be the main difference compared to Moleskine, in your opinion, Laurie?

  4. Fantastic question Jotje. Here are the differences between the ecosystem and Moleskine planners:

    The biggest difference, of course, is that ecosystem planners and notebooks are 100 % recycled and Moleskine are not.

    The ecosystem planners and notebooks come in a variety of cover colors including black, pink, blue, green, and soon purple. Moleskine are only in black or red.

    In the planners, the ecosystem planners have holidays printed out in the day spaces. Moleskine planners only have a country symbol on holidays.

    However, Moleskine has a holiday chart for lots of different countries around the world. ecosystem planners have holidays only for the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and France.

    The ecosystem planners have a lot of US information but not as much international info as Moleskines have.

    And, ecosystem planners have the vertical-column monthly planners like Moleskine used to have, but now starting in the 2011 planners Moleskine will instead have monthly planners in block format with the days as squares.

    (And for people who notice these things, the ecosystem ruled line spacing is slightly wider than Moleskine's.)

  5. Great review, I LOVE these journals, the quality is awesome, and I love that they are 100% post consumer recycled material and made in the US.

  6. Do the monthly Ecosystem planners have two pages of lined notes after each month like Moleskines?

  7. Hi Dien, sorry I don't know what the monthly planners are like, I've never seen one in person.

    I bet if you email the company to ask, they would be happy to tell you.

    Thanks for reading Plannerisms! :)

  8. I'm standing in a local bookstore trying to make a decision on which day planner I'll carry every day in 2011. Thanks for this posting! It has helped me choose a purple ecosystem weekly planner. The pictures you posted are helpful because there isn't an open planner for me to view.

  9. jaclyn, I'm glad my post was able to help you choose a planner! I hope you enjoy your 2011 ecosystem planner. :)


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